Monthly Archives: April 1988

‘Sitting Down And Thinking’

This cutesy pastoral poem is one of my simpler works to survive. I remember it so very well — I was sitting in English class, reading, and stopped to scribble this in the binding of the book. I found it a few years later and copied it down. It has serious issues with flow, but hey, I was thirteen years old!

‘Sitting Down And Thinking’

I’m sitting down and thinking
  Of all that I have seen,
Of forest trees and tiny fleas
  In summers that have been.

Of falling leaves and browning grass
  In playful autumns that where,
The morning mist and golden sun
  Saw wind rushing through my hair.

There are so very many things
  That I have never seen,
And every tree in every spring
  Is coloured a different green.

I’m sitting down and thinking
  Of peoples long ago,
And those who’ll see a world
  That I will never know.