Monthly Archives: May 1988


This is a very early one with inspiration ‘borrowed’ (*cough*) from Jim Morrison. Still, it perfectly captures the mood of a day, when I thought that my words would never be able to do anything but get me into trouble! I’ve always been a very outspoken, brutally honest guy, and I’ve (unintentionally) hurt a lot of people through the years.


The Words fell freely from my lips,
  filling me up, touching my Heart.
But the Words lie,
My feelings lied to me.

Now, the Tears have dried as my Heart died.
Sentence upon Sentence,
  The Words are a healing paen for the Death of a Soul.
I am Death;
  A Shadow, and Empty Vessel.

Words got me these wounds; can they get me well again?
The damage is done.
Could any Hell be more horrible than now?

My Words fill the air and dance around me,
  Mocking me.
No more Words,
My Fire is gone.
I sacrifice myself upon an altar of Silence.