Monthly Archives: March 1992


Another high school work, this one was a hair away from being given to a friend’s grindcore band to set to music. In the end I chickened out, and the ‘song’ has sat in my notebooks ever since. Can you tell we went to a Catholic high school? *lol*


Take this cup and drink it down
On your head a thorny crown
Talk of vices and denial
Tell me that my sins are vile
Can you practice what you preach
Can you live the life you teach
You say you’re Godlike

Fill your life with blank contrition
Ignorance is your religion
Tell the world your hatred sleeps
Nothing sown that isn’t reaped
You’re digging holes you cannot fill
Your lies enough to make me ill
And you are Godlike

You’ll never close all our eyes
We’ll never fall for your lies
The military’s boots you lick
Hypocrisy that makes me sick
I am not so weak and frail
Had enough of your betrayal
So fucking Godlike