Monthly Archives: May 1992

‘Do Dreams Die?’

Upon leaving high school, I made myself a promise never to grow up. By growing up, I mean giving up, joining the unhappy multitude that crowd the streets of Despairville, USA. I promised myself that I would never seek material wealth at the expense of ideals, accept cold comfort in place of love, or embrace apathy over my dreams. I wonder how well I’ve kept that promise…

‘Do Dreams Die?’

Do Dreams Die?

  Or do we just give up?

How many of us abandon Dreaming, just to say we’ve ‘grown up,’
  become ‘responsible adults?’

So many of us forget that our dreams are what make us what we really are.
They are The defining element in a person’s character.
Without them, we are empty, hollow, vacant.

Dreams light the darkness of human existence.
They provide an escape, a refuge when we need shelter.
They build character, provide direction, teach lessons.
They supply a goal, an impetus to excell,
  to become what we truly wish ourselves to be.

Dreams never abandon us, we leave them behind.
We relegate them to the buried recesses of our minds-
  hidden away from ourselves.
Dreams can’t die,
  they can only be forgotten.