Monthly Archives: February 1997

‘Teach All The World To Love’

Another of my rhymed love poems, this one had potential although I do not think I realised it. Perhaps it will be re-written some day and presented to someone special…

‘Teach All The World To Love’

Cast him out, the shades of doubt,
  that colour all perception;
let her in, let life begin,
  experience perfection.

Drive away, that touch of grey,
  that shadow on your heart;
a new day dawns, all pain is gone,
  you make a brand new start.

Open ears and stinging tears,
  sweet music in your soul;
don’t just try, truly fly,
  accomplish every goal.

Never tease, and aim to please,
  know Magick from above;
show them how, bring joy now,
  teach all the world to love.