Monthly Archives: May 1997

‘Faith Found’

Have you ever gotten depressed and thought no one would understand? Try talking to people — you never know who you’ll find! Quite often, we get so wrapped up in our pain that we can’t see our friends calling out to us, waiting to help. This one was written specifically for a very dear friend, from her perspective, who needed to learn that people cared about her. Original date of composition unknown; only the year was recorded.

‘Faith Found’

The woods stretched out before me,
My path was overgrown.
I closed my eyes and saw myself,
Standing there alone.
This was what I feared the most,
Lost without a home.

I could not find my happiness,
By sadness I was led.
I would not try to end my pain,
I was so filled with dread.
So life when on, but was it life
When all my dreams were dead?

With heart shut off from peacefulness,
Lost inside a dream,
I could not believe in love.
I really could not see
That all along you’re standing there,
Waiting just for me.

Now I come with open arms,
Reaching out for you.
All my pain is washed away and
Life begins anew.
I’m ready now to love myself,
And I can love you, too.