Monthly Archives: May 1998

‘Whispered Sordid Symphony’

This piece of pointless rhyming rubbish came from my ’98 journal. I suspect that it was originally just a writing/rhyming exercise, but upon looking it over it has a certain weird flow of its own. The title has no bearing on the piece, (and as each couplet is a world unto itself, the piece itself has no meaning) but it was my favourite line so it made sense as a title. Actual day of composition lost.

‘Whispered Sordid Symphony’

garden beauty shining sea
whispered sordid symphony
swimming soaring all for me

tiny diamonds in the lake
gorgeous gifts here I may take
living lights play true for me
precious rocks are too love-y

frantic summer bitter blow
easy always ready go
is it in your life or no

screaming madness crushing lies
death compounds & vision cries
beating faster heaving chains
one small slip and red blood rains

‘Everything Changes’

Well, obviously, this is about moving beyond friendship and into something more. To my mind, the best relationships are those born of friendship which then finds love, and not the other way ’round.
Date of composition lost save for the year.

‘Everything Changes’

visions of love and happiness,
obsess within my mind.

wisdom forces caution,
need forces abandon;
give in to love and feel.

this stable friend,
this slow train;
a tongue of passion,
and everything changes.


The inspiration for this one should be fairly obvious — I really was outside, and I really was deeply involved in the moment. Of course, as most such moments do, this one ended abruptly. *grin* Well, I tried, eh?
The day of composition was lost, only the year was saved.


Softly falling Moon-beams caress the dew-covered petals;
The Mighty Oaks tower overhead.
My Lover and I lay amidst their gnarled roots,
    The damp Earth touching our bare skin.
Arms entwined, we watch the Shadows play
As the Stars move across the Heavens.

"This is Life, this is all Life, breathing as One in this Moment."
    A silent Prayer escapes me-
Let this Night last for All Time.
Tenderly, my Lover turns to me,
Pale Star-light reflected in her Eyes.

"I am Home at last."
My Lover’s breath feels warm against my cheek;
Our lips meet, and our Worlds unite in Passion.
The Night enfolds us in its cool embrace,
Welcoming us-
    Welcoming us Home.

‘I Will Wait Forever’

Is this real, is there such a person as can inspire such devotion? And is this level of devotion even healthy?! I often wonder if such a being could exist. Are you out there? Are you reading these words? Was it just a dream?
Original date of composition lost; only the year was recorded.

‘I Will Wait Forever’

Gently pleading voice within my Soul,
    Softly whisper your secrets to me.
Call me,
    Sing to me of long-forgotten pleasures,
      and the hidden magic of Love.

Love Eternal, a Love so true and pure.
Reach out your hands to me,
    Touch my deepest self;
    My heart is open to you.
Take my hand and head me to your secret garden,

    Just for a moment alone;
      A moment to last a thousand lifetimes.
A fleeting glimpse, a treasured smile.
Eyes that mirror a universe of perfection;

    That shine with boundless wonder.
I am yours forever, Oh my precious Muse,
    My Lady of Dreams-
    My Spirit cries out for your Presence.

Oh my Love, this to you I swear:
    To wait always, alone without you,
    Never to know Love, unless it be yours,
    Never to know happiness, unless it be with you.

I can wait Forever for you to Love me.
    But Forever is such a long time, and the pain so dear,
    But the pain is all I have, I fear.
So I will wait.
    I will wait Forever if need be.

I will always be there for you,
    My Love,
      My only light,
        My …