Monthly Archives: March 2001

Bankruptcy (Not Mine!)

Yesterday, I learnt that my company’s Web host is going out of business. On Friday, they fired everyone, and turned our Web server off! They refused to return calls Friday and Monday, so I finally drove down to their office and demanded that my site go back up, and stay that way for as long as possible. The single contractor left in the building (and boy did he look upset!), brought our site back up, but cannot guarantee it will be up for long.

So, with no warning, and an immediate deadline, I need to find a new hosting company! Guess I’d better get to work, eh? *grin*

Hey! Where’ve I Been Lately?!

I’ve gotten so caught up in other projects lately that I’ve been neglecting this one. I’d better get my act together, or it might get forgotten! Nah… I’m enjoying this too much to forget about it entirely.

Anyhoo, I added a bunch of new links to the Page O’ Links; mostly political stuff. I’m going to start work on the Politics section next… I’ll bet you can’t wait…

{note: reference is to defunct version of this site.}

‘Freedom’s Toil’

I’m not really happy with how this came out, which is why I skipped over it in my journal and am only now uploading it, but I like the theme, and the title, and will probably re-visit it some day.

‘Freedom’s Toil’

Slaves walk beside the cold iron rails
  stretching infinitely forward to the future,
but the people look back,
  on lives torn and broken,
  on homes left behind,
  on kin dead but not forgotten.

The cities, built from forced labour,
  offer little to the slaves’ descendents.
    Cold streets and run-down tenements,
    Failed schools and collapsing churches,
      Drugs and violence,
        Garbage piled high,
    No escape, no future-
Freedom’s toil little different than the slave’s.

‘Mexican Fishermen’

Another journal page from another day out walking. What else did you want to know?

‘Mexican Fishermen’

Mexican fishermen crowd Balboa Pier
and cast their lines into the
oily dark
polluted seas below
Once cast, the poles are leant
against the railing and
conversation starts
Sometimes I wish I really understood
so many now use it
I feel I’m missing out on
some great secret

Small sailboat anchored
just off the the pier
maybe 200 metres
bobbing in the choppy waves
I can just make out the couple
on the deck
backs to the aft wall
eyes on the horizon

Added Some Old Poems And Fixed Some Code

I’ve added a few more old poems from one of my remaining notebooks to the Poetry page. Check ’em out if that’s your thing. There’s actually a couple on there that I like now! *grin* Also, I did some cleaning up from that code-mangling crash the other night. I’m seriously thinking of ditching this page format, though, ‘cuz it’s a bear to maintain, and hard to validate (too many nested tables).

{note: reference is to defunct version of this site.}


I accidentally updated the wrong files and had to blow out my Apache instalation last night. When I backed my site up and copied it back over, I found that a whole bunch’a text had been badly mangled. My *cough* lovely code, all ruined! Anyhoo, I cleaned up the obvious typographical errors; the rest will have to wait until to-morrow or so. I’ll have to run the whole site through a validator, too. *sigh* Ahh, well.

{note: reference is to defunct version of this site.}

Christopher Is Leaving Town

So here I am, sitting around in my office, while my friend Christopher is packing his stuff to move to Oregon. He leaves to-morrow. How shitty is that?! I’ve know the guy since 1994; he’s the one who convinced me that I could make money with computers! If he leaves, who will I be able to brow-beat over inconsequential trivia?!?!

*sigh* It’s not as if I ever remembered to call him or anything… Now, of course, that’ll be even harder, eh? I ^have^ to get better at remembering people….


Man, I feel sick to-day. I don’t think I have anything, but my chest has been hurting for the last two days. Time to make another doctor’s appointment… I hate my lungs…

Oh, and… I added a few things to the site. Check the ‘Powered by’ and ‘Links’ sections for proof!

{note: reference is to defunct version of this site.}

Wow.. Added Another Page…

Woo-Hoo, eh? At this rate it’ll take decades for me to fill this site out. *shrug* At least I have my basic structure together… Anyroad, peek at the list of popular artists that I dig by clicking on the ‘Music’ link to your left.

{note: reference is to defunct version of this site.}