Monthly Archives: June 2001

‘At The Mall’

This was written whilst walking around with some friends at Ontario Mills. I really hate shopping malls. *grin*

‘At The Mall’

You can easily get lost at the mall-
  all of the faceless,
      nameless people,
          milling around,
    looking busy,
      trying to relax and enjoy themselves.

You can easily get lost in the mall-
  all of the faceless,
      nameless stores,
    and shopping bags,
      filled with expensive clothes and trinkets.

Mandrake 8.0 Is Broken (For Me, Anyhoo)

And it had such promise!

If anyone is thinking about using Mandrake 8 for production use, test it thoroughly, first! I’ve had nothing but bad luck thus far. I had difficulty instaling it with Promise ATA cards, and it’s developed several nasty quirks in its networking capability. I think I’m gonna wax this system (again!) and go back to Mandrake 7.2, so there may be a few temporary outages during the transfering of the site and re-boots and wotnot.

Mail Server & Moulin Rouge

Wow, I finally got around to bringing my mail server back on-line! Nifty, eh? Now I have to do a buncha testing (system load, security, etc.) to see if I can keep it running where and how it is. I’m still a rank amateur at things like this- I’ve never had any training in, nor studied extensively, system security. I’m gonna hafta get off my duff and do that soon, but for now I’ll just leave that jazz to Doug and concentrate on my own pet projects… *grin*

I saw Moulin Rouge last night- fabulous film, I highly recommend it. It had a real heart-rending ending, the music was incredible, the cinematography was pure eye-candy, great sets, and Ewan is still a fabulous actor. Whew! Is that enough praise? *grin* The film had a lot of great messages, and a story that’s a lot deeper than one would suspect on the surface. Watch it and see for yourself, ‘k?