Monthly Archives: July 2001


As you can probably see, I’ve removed the ‘Rants’ section from the front page. I haven’t been able to keep it up lately, and I get tired of seeing the same thing over and over and over… *grin* I have so many things I want to talk about, and so very little time to write lately. I need to re-arrange my priorities a bit. Anyhoo, it’ll be back, trust me; it’s just resting for a while. 😉

{note: reference is to defunct version of this site.}


I was sitting at the feet of a statue of Artemis (Diana) in the Forum Shoppes at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, waiting for my table at their excellent trattoria when this just came to me.


Water splashes on the rocks ‘neath Artemis’ stoney feet,
  Her immutable gaze fix’d upon the ground before her.
Steely-eyed hawk perch’d on her right hand guards against surprise.
Motionless, contemplative, the great goddess waits to be awoken again,
  As if the centuries of unworship have but briefly silenced her.

David’s B-Day In Las Vegas

Just got back from Las Vegas- I went with David and Robin for D’s anniversary-of-birth. Things have continued to change rapidly there. The Aladdin is completely re-built; it’s huge, and really quite lovely. The Desert Inn has been bought and is being re-built as the Red Dragon , which looks like it’ll have a strong Chinese theme. The Sahara renovation was disappointing- not much seemed different beyond the exterior facade. We missed the Mandalay Bay, but it’s at the top of my list for next time (which could be as early as December).

The trip itself was nice, but I wasted too much money, as usual. It’s a good thing that I never gamble, otherwise these trips would be way too expensive for me! We only spent one-and-one-half days there, and most of it was spent in the shopping arcades at Aladdin and Caesar’s Palace. I did get a few new things written, and had a fabulous dinner at an Italian joint- best chicken cannelloni I’ve ever had!

Been Away For A While

Hard to believe that I’ve let me Web-log slide for an entire month, but it sure looks that way! Why do I do this, anyway? I know ^you^ don’t care! *grin* I have been working on the site, though. I’m currently re-formatting a copy of the Anarchist FAQ to post under my Politics section. Also, I’ve made notes for my own take on the efficacy of anarchist politics in light of current affairs, as well as a review of State Socialism. A couple of other big text sections coming are an archive of great speeches, starting with American Presidents (since I already have a lot of those digitally) and continuing through some of the important essays in modern political science.

{note: reference is to defunct version of this site.}