Monthly Archives: August 2001


Well, guess what? I now have osteoporosis. I don’t know about you, but this comes as quite a shock to me! At least I haven’t broken any bones yet…. My days in the mosh pit are definitely over! *sigh* My body’s defective… how do I order a new one? Let’s see… osteoporosis, asthma, mild arthritis, ADHD, and severe allergies. Did I forget anything?!

I have to make a bunch of lifestyle changes, to try to slow my bone deterioration down. Exercise, dropping caffeine, and taking another (complicated) drug. I have to take it 30 minutes before any other food or drink, and I can’t lie down after taking it. That makes it harder to remember all of my other drugs! ‘Course, the real kicker here is the caffeine. I can’t drink coffee, espresso, tea, sodas, etc. again. I’m weaning myself off now, since I’m somewhat addicted to them…. *grin* C’est la vie, eh?

In case you’re wondering ^why^ a 27-year-old has osteoporosis (I know I would be!), it’s a side-effect of the drug I take to manage my allergies. Over-all, it’s not really that big of a deal, and it hasn’t/won’t effect my life other than the above, but I just feel like bitching, and you ^are^ my captive audience, after all!

Disneyland And Jonathan And Stuff

To-day I’m going to the Tragic Kingdom with friends Brenda & Dan; should be a lot of fun. I haven’t been into the park for, gee, I don’t remember how long. Maybe a year. The last time we were down there, we went into California Adventure, which was disappointingly small. It’s also not a very effective theme- I live in California, so why do I want to go to a theme park that re-creates California?! I don’t know what they were thinking…. Anyhoo, I have to get ready to split now; I’m gonna head on over to see my mates’ new flat, and then head to the park. Good Times Coming!

Oh, and before I forget to mention this again, I’m very excited that my brother’s moving back to So.Cal! He’s been in Idaho for, gosh, maybe six years now! I’ve seen him only a handful of times since he split, so we’ll have a lot to catch up on. He and his lovely wife will be repairing to Brea, which isn’t so far from here that I shan’t be bugging him regularly!

Alas, one more thing before I go. I recently traded a bunch of old computer parts to AASI, in exchange for two Cabletron switches that we weren’t using. They’re 24-port models, so I have a bit of growing room, and they each have 100mb fibre GBICs, so I can run two pairs of fibre-optic cables through the wall, between my living room and office, and connect them at 200mb! Kinda excessive, but oh-so-groovy! *grin* Next place I move to has gotta have room for a 42u rack, ‘cuz I’m gonna buy one!

Work Projects

Once again, it’s been a while since I’ve written anything in my li’l Web-log. I’ve been devoting too much of my time to projects at work. In case you’re interested, I’ll tell ya what I’ve gotten done lately:

1. Implemented a secure (3DES) VPN, for Executives, Engineers and IT to use.
2. Set up the 3D-COM viewer for CATIA models (files can be viewed in a Web browser).
3. Got the first 18 GNU/Linux-based terminals put together and out on the shop floor.
4. Instaled and configured a new Cisco 2621 and brought our new T1 on-line.
5. Added two new sections to AASI’s Web site; check ’em out at the link above.
6. Migrated the CATIA license server to an rs/6000, and off the pokey NT server it started on.

The VPN works pretty durn well, if you have a high-speed connexion. I was able to download and instal CATIA on my home workstation, and I can start it up with it pointing at the license server at work. I’m pretty pleased so far. Now Doc can check his e-mail from home, and the Engineers can do design work in the evenings. I’m going to document the client set-up procedures on Monday.

As far as my own site is concerned, I’m still working on formatting that Anarchist FAQ, as well as my speeches and philosophy sections. I’m making a list of the most influentional thinkers and ideas in my own development.

{note: reference is to defunct version of this site.}