Monthly Archives: September 2001


What more can I say after the events of to-day? I only hope some good can come of this, and not more bloodshed. I lost an acquaintance on that first jet (flight 11, I think). He was the chief executive of the last company I worked for. I also have a cousin in the Persian Gulf- I hope this doesn’t get out of hand… enough people have died already.

Journal And Slick Idiot

Well, I’m just as bad at keeping a Weblog as I am a journal. A million and one things happen, and I always forget to write them down. *shrug* Ah,well.

I don’t know if anyone reading this digs KMFDM, but if you do, check out Slick Idiot. It’s the group En Esch and Günter Schulz formed after Sascha disbanded KMFDM in ’99. They finally have an album out, and you can order it from their Web site. It’s actually pretty damn good- Günter is still a demi-god on thrash guitar.