Monthly Archives: November 2001

Out At Comdex

Well, here we are at Comdex again! I’m sitting in my hotel room, checking my e-mail and babbling aimlessly. The show this year basically sucks; it’s smaller, many of the companies we wanted to see didn’t show up (no Sun, Red Hat, Oracle, SuSE, etceteras), and there’s not many kewl goodies. We did get to see the new Sharp PDA, which is running Lineo (embedded Linux) with the Qt toolkit and native Java. I really want one of these babies!

Okay, no more gibberish; I’m gonna go get something to eat.

What Have I Been Doing?

I obviously haven’t been keeping my Web site up-to-date! I wonder why I can never remember to add anything to it in a timely manner. *shrug* Ah, well. I have been keeping busy, though.

Since 11 September, I’ve been even more attentive to the foreign press than normal (I already read six newspapers per day, as I’m an avid follower of US foreign policy and world affairs). Things are going just about as bad as I thought they would, with only a few bright spots in the whole sordid affair.

I’ve also been making some progress in my health- I have taken in no caffeine in over two months! I drink a lot of water, and have started going to Bally’s. I definitely feel a lot better for these small changes, and am glad I finally received the kick in the pants that I needed to get started. So far I’ve noticed no ill effects from either my new condition or the accompanying drug. *yay*

I finally got in touch with two of my friends from high school. Whilst out at the Yard House for friend-Bob’s birthday, we made a call to Chris, and he finally called us back! I’ve been hanging with him rather a lot since then. Through him, I found Will, and have seen him once already (he lives in Temecula- yuck!). Over-all, this has been a very interesting couple of months…


I just saw ‘Waking Life’ in the cinema with Robin, and all I have to say is “WOW!” If you’re at all interested in life, reality, illusion, dreams, consciousness, and being alive and human (boy, that’s a lot of people!), go and see this film. It’s mind-blowingly good.