Monthly Archives: December 2001

Brief Update

Well, as much as I’d love to get caught up here, I don’t have time right bow, so I’ll just mention the important stuff.

My grandfather died just over a week ago, and I’m still really shaken up. He was the closest thing to a dad I’d ever had, and I really loved him. The Holidays are so very different without him around; he was the centre of our family.

On the lighter side, I just upgraded the CPUs in my Web server from pII 300s to pII 350s. I know, I know- big upgrade, eh? *grin* Trust me, there was a reason. Also, I removed Mandrake 8 and instaled RedHat 7.2. So far I’m very happy with it- this is the first RedHat since 5.2 that I’ve genuinely enjoyed working with- I recently switched my work desktop to it as well (from RedHat 7, which I did ^not^ like!) The default ext3 option is nice, but I really wish they’d give options for XFS or JFS. I’d been using XFS at work for some time, and it seems quite stable.

Anyroad, I’m off to do some Holiday shopping. Buh-bye!