Monthly Archives: March 2002

‘Ranting Ordinary’

Written some time in 2002; discovered in a journal-book, Jan. 2004.

‘Ranting Ordinary’

            Your TV is your teacher,
                    your social life,
                        your preacher

"Say nothing and saw wood"
        An angel’s touch,
                        a faerie’s dust

Feed the starving poor
                                My passion springs eternal

  Where do all of these words come from?
  Does someone make them up for me?

Sweet divinity,
        he taste of oranges and
sing me a song
  it won’t take very long

Sirens wail,
    growing louder,
  cops on the prowl
find the bad nigger,
      beat him
good cop                     bad cop
            have a doughnut

            Dragon’s Breath,
                Toad’s Leg,
                    just a pinch of Myrrh;
              a cure for dyslexia,
                bad handwriting,
                  and dying pens.

It’s 1980 again
                        Why are you voting for Reagan?

          "From the first, not a thing is."

Coding And Scribbling

I uploaded five more poems- two from last year, and three from this year. I’ve still got quite a back-log to work through. Maybe someday, eh?

I’ve finally started to teach myself programming… happy joy. So far, it doesn’t seem as difficult as I thought it would, but as with everything I’m not all that interested in, my ADD makes me my own worst ememy. Here I am, updating my Web site as a distraction, to avoid turinng another page in this book… *grin*

I guess I should stop screwing around and get back to it, eh? I thought you’d say that. *sigh* Okay….

‘Being Broken’

Sitting in the Border’s at South Coast Plaza, sipping a creme soda.

‘Being Broken’

I thought-
and being broken, would see the light
  which brightens dreams of azure silken seas
Lost instead, I am,
  adrift on self-same seas, in darkness deep
Mend and repair the scarred fragments of mind
  that yearns for light and sees the dark
Bold and tired, stronger still,
  a lantern pure and clear
The broken man to fly.

‘Café Nonsense I’

My journals (and uncounted looseleaf sheets) are filled with random gibberish observations made in such places as Barnes or Borders coffee shoppes. This is one such. I will probably post others. *smirk*

‘Café Nonsense I’

The line at the counter is short.
“You want whipped cream on it?”
The scent of tuna and stale potato chips mixed with good coffee and shortbread.
“The Revolution is in Neuroscience.”
I find a table, and read Kafka.
Students study.
Chinese chatter floats all around me.
Enigmatic Romulan magazine cover- silly telly.
My mocha is cold- I want another.
“Can Mental Illness Ever Be Cured?”

‘Why Do I Keep You Still’

I wrote this about someone, and that’s all I’m going to say right now. *pfft!*

‘Why Do I Keep You Still’

Why do I keep you still
  inside my head?
Let go, let go, let go
Do you know you’ve never left?
Are you blissfully unaware?

Flights of fancy in wingless nights
A memory, perhaps, but clear as day
The friends who never leave,
  but are no longer here
I can’t let go, I can’t let go

Misc. Updates

I just got an e-mail from a lost-friend; I wrote a probably-too-long response, and I’m hoping she writes back soon… can you tell I still have no patience whatsoever?! *grin*

As mentioned in the (newly-edited) intro. paragraph, AASI is in the process of acquiring Mooney, an old and respectable Texas aviation company. If we’re successful, we’ll bring them back to full production, and use their (huge) facility to produce the other aircraft lines we’re working on.

Robin just spent three days in Catalina (boy, was I jealous! ;-). She wants to go back later this year, so maybe I’ll get to see it. The only time I’ve been there was ~14 years ago, and I only saw the harbour area.

I’m kinda torn about what to do to-morrow night- I want to go to Santa Monica and do a reading, but I also wanted to see if Chris will get the nerve to ask this cute waitress at Macaroni Grill out- we tried to get her attention when we were there last week, and she ^might^ have seemed interested (I’m pretty bad at picking up on such things, but I still think I’m more observant than Chris, or at least, not as insecure). He wanted to go back, so I’ll probably tag along and see what he does… Maybe we can go early enough that I can still make it to the Midnight Special. Hmmmm…..