Monthly Archives: April 2002

Lookin’ For Work

Welp, so far I’m on my second interview with one prospective, and my first with another; I have enough cash to take me through 2-3 months, so things are going pretty well, I guess.

I’m trying to get a second pair of eyeglasses ordered before my coverage ends (tonight), so wish me luck! *grin*

I’ve also gotten a few things written (poems, I mean) in the last few days; one is already on-line, the others are in my back-log. I rather like the one I’ve posted, which is refreshing because I’m usually not happy with things upon re-reading them. I’m also planning on formatting the two pieces I wrote for my grandfather, one from before his passing and one afterward, and will post them soon.


Well, it seems that the Jetcruzer project has now officially been scrapped, and my job has been eliminated. Both Mark (my Help Desk Admin.) and I were dumped on Wednesday, with two days to pack up and get out. At least we got more warning than the designers. While I understand the business necessity to tighten their belt and focus on Mooney, it still hurts; I’d put a lot of time and love into that company.

I managed to secure several excellent recommendations, and have a number of friends and contacts looking for leads for me. I’ve registered with two headhunters already, and intend to look for more this week. I have a small severance cheque, which should get me through the month, so I should be alright. Given that the company had kept my salary down (start-up funding and all that), this could be good for me in the long run. Still, I’ll miss the place- I had a lot of fun, met a lot of wonderful people, and learned a lot about aircraft in my years there.

Layne Staley

Checked the news this morning, and it appears that Layne Staley, of Alice in Chains and Mad Season fame, has died. He was found dead in his home, after having passed some days prior of still-undisclosed causes. In a moment of cosmic irony, I was at Fingerprints (a used CD store) with David last night, specifically to trade in his Alice in Chains boxed set; we were in the store at exactly the time his body was discovered.

Let’s have a moment of silence for Layne, a tortured soul unable to shake a long-standing heroin addiction, and a brilliant songwriter.


Written some time in 2002; discovered in a journal-book, Jan. 2004.


An "accident" on the "freeway"
  caught my attention to-day.
It was dreadful,
  but fascinating nonetheless.
One of the parties was dead-
  I could not see how he died.
People were crying;
  one car was burning.

Why do we call them "accidents"?
They almost always occur
  through deliberate acts,
  though the drivers are
  seldom aware
  of their foolish choices,
    and when they are,
    the human talent for
    comes to the fore.

  why is a "freeway" called a "freeway"?
Does it set you free,
  or trap you in a narrow lane,
  in a tiny metal box,
  with limited destinations?
I think that "expressway" was
  a much better choice.

‘Far Enough’

This was scribbled in me journal with a note to re-work/re-write it; that it was an embryonic idea. I, looking at it 1.5 years later, can’t see what can be done to improve upon it. It’s not brilliant, but it says what it means, and that’s all it can ask for. Allen Ginsberg, I am not.

‘Far Enough’

If you wander far enough,
You will come back and ’round;
There is no straighter path,
There is no truth profound.
The world a circle spirals back,
And you a speck upon the map;
Awake to find you are alive,
When my fingers make their snap.

‘Saints And Sinners’

Written some time in 2002; discovered in a journal-book, Jan. 2004. It’s nifty. *grin*

‘Saints And Sinners’

Saints have been reported
  with blood on their shoes;
What to do,
  what to do?

Sinners have been found
  with love in their hands;
How about you,
  how about you?

Progress And Politics

The first of three detailed project proposals has been submitted, and was greeted by an entirely-unexpected lack of scepticism and resistance! I had anticpated intense discussion on a couple of points, maybe even outright rejection; having skipped that phase, we’re now discussing the proposals with upper managment (the ‘politics’ mentioned in the title above. They’re not very expensive, and offer substantial benefits, so I’m already starting my implementation preparations. Given my lack of detailed familiarity with some of the technologies selected, I have a lot of homework to do.

Other than the moderate increase in stress and late-night study sessions, life goes well enough. I’m putting my finances in order (finally) and hoping to get a few things straightened out at home. I’ve cut back on my medications, without too many problems as yet- I’m hoping to either ween myself off of them, or else drastically reduce my dependence, before they kill me.

I just hooked up Chris’s firewall and DSL bridge last night. He registered a domain yesterday, and I’m writing his DNS record right now (typing this in between waiting for the server to update). Next step is to instal a Web and mail server for him and get him developing for it. One GNU/Linux convert, comin’ right up! 😉

Projects, Projects, More Projects

Alas, it has, once again, been some time since I’ve updated you, my little journal… When, oh when, shall I muster the discipline to post with some frequency?!

Let’s see… I’m playing with two more toys- NDS eDirectory and Samsung Contact- both running on Linux, of course. I’ve been investigating modern tools for network infrastructure. NDS is an old friend, which I have not had cause to encounter in some years. I’m gratified to see that the GUI tools are much improved. Contact is derived from HP’s OpenMail, which was unceremoniously dumped not long ago, much to my dismay. I had been considering recommending it for review when the news of its death was announced. Luck for me, eh? How embarrassing that would have been… Either way, I’m pleased to report that Samsung has successfully restored it to life, and I’m studying it in preparation for a formal review at work. It’s much cheaper than Exchange, and promises all of the same features.

Other than these fine projects, my life continues to spiral into utter shite. My eyesight had degraded below the level correctable by eyeglasses; my optometrist calls this a ‘degradation in my quality of vision.’ Hopefully he’s wrong in guessing that cataracts are to blame; I’m definitely too young for that!

Welp, it’s time to check my e-mail and head to bed. Until next time…