Monthly Archives: January 2003


*sigh* Where to begin… I haven’t kept this log up of late (bad Webmaster, bad! no bisquit).

1) I’m unemployed again, and looking for work. Anyone know of positions open for experienced network hacks, just let me know, ‘k?

2) My allergies are worse than ever. Doctors are tryin’ new drugs to compensate, so far without luck. Pain bad. Ugh.

3) I’m writing again (yah!). I’ve completed two short stories in three weeks, one of which I’m already happy enough with to submit it for publication, which I hope to do this week. I’m working out ideas for about a dozen more shorts, as well as a first novel. If I can keep up the pace, and the quality is there, maybe I can make something of this. Or maybe I can just starve to death, like most other writers. *grin*

That’s about that, I guess. Bad health, no job, busy writing.