Monthly Archives: November 2003

‘Frankish Dreams’

This tiny piece was scribbled beside my bed sometime during the night, after what I can only guess was a medieval scene in one of my weird dreams. *shrug*

‘Frankish Dreams’

with eyes closed
I see them racing
drawn swords in gauntlet fists
brilliant white steeds
rattling armour

a red flag flies
over Frankish ramparts
trumpet pierces the cool air
archers line the walls
and let fly

No Updates Here!

Well, I had made a few other Web-log entries, but I lost ’em with that server crash… it has been a while since this site’s been updated regularly, though. I’ve been busy with school (back in full-time) and such, and haven’t touched the server much in almost a year. I would like to go back to working on this thing… I have a tonne of updates I want to do. Right now I’m working on setting up squirrelmail, but I shan’t have time to work on this page for, oh, probably a few more weeks. *sigh* Anyroad, yes, I’m still alive, and this site will come back eventually. *grin*

{note: reference is to defunct version of this site.}