Monthly Archives: December 2003

New Year, Lyrics

Happy New Years, fellow human personages! Any resolutions? If anyone wants to resolve to make my life better in the coming year, I’m accepting donations of cash, food, or sex…. no men, please. *grin*

What was my New Year’s resolution, you say? Well, I’m glad you asked. I hereby vow to conquer at least one small nation, enslave the adult population, crush all of my enemies therein, see them driven before me in terror, and hear the pathetic lamentations of their women, locked in bondage and quaking before my terrible, majestic presence. This is a good first step toward my eventual goal of total global hegemony.

In other news… I just added the lyrics for all of Tom Waits’s albums to the music section. This guy’s one of my favourites, and if you haven’t heard and loved his albums, you must be a no-good Commie rat with poor taste and a bad haircut. I’m also fixing the HTML on a couple of other pages in that section, and then I may continue work on my philo. pages. Being still sick-as-a-dog, I have no plans for the evening (*sigh*) so I might as well do something productive.

{note: reference is to defunct version of this site.}

Ack! Damn Lungs!

I have bronchitis! It’s been almost four years since I last had it, so I’ve gotten off light, I guess, but damn if this one isn’t BAD! I even have cold chills, which is a lousy deal for someone allergic to heat…. heh. No more bitchin’ from me; vitamins have kept it away for four years (and I was chronically ill as a wee bairn, too), so I have no room to complain.

That’s all for today- I’m too dizzy to add anything. *grin* So go away and do whatever it is you people do when you’re not here, sniggering at me.


I made the mistake of mentioning my recent efforts on this site to Emily-from-Deutsch-Klasse in an e-mail (I had just spent a couple of hours on it, and it was foremost in me mind), and now she’s asked to see it! Scary… She doesn’t know me nearly well enough, methinks, to follow my obscure and absurd sense of humour. Hey, Emily! Boo! (Quick, run from the crazy scary hairy man!)

Let’s see, what else have I done…. Well, last night I added five more pieces of nonsense to the poetry section, bringing it up to 74. I was trolling through old journals, and I found a nice cache of gibberish, so there’s more to come. I also have a few more recent ones I haven’t gotten around to adding. I still seem to lose more than I save, though; I can’t get out of the habit of scribbling on napkins and wotnot instead of my journal!

Just got an e-mail from Mindy-in-Italia, catching me (us) up on what she’s been doing, which was nice. Sounds like a blast so far! All except the vanilla cigarettes part… *cough,sputter* … *smirk*

I’m off now to work on some more poetry. I hope y’all appreciate my efforts in posting this highly-personal nonsense… ‘cuz if not, I have a pack of rabid attack squirrels I can set loose on you…. Enjoy them, or perish most ridiculously; the choice is yours.

addendum: “Poems, No Less!”

I just re-vamped the poetry section, adding a different index to it and splitting the collection in twain. I have also uploaded a few more little pieces for your snickering pleasure.

I know you’re out there, laughing at me, mocking my efforts…

{note: reference is to defunct version of this site.}

Food And Philosophy

Hey, looks like nothing else did happen yesterday! Hmm, all I can remember doing is sitting at Barnes sipping a cappucino and reading one of my new books. Must have been a very slow day-in-the-life.

I have added a bit to the philosophy page last night and this morning, beginning to outline my major influences. I’ve gotten five done, and I’ll pick up with the others later. All comments and summaries are my own, and I’m not recommending any reading I haven’t done myself. That won’t be the case for all of them (particularly Russell and Wittgenstein, with their maths and logic work), but I’ll note where such is the case.

To-day I haven’t much planned, other than dinner & a movie with Robin. I think we’ll hit the Macaroni Grill, and then catch (surprise!) Cold Mountain, which I have thus far failed to make twice now.

addendum: Cold Mountain

Hey, I just got back from seeing Cold Mountain (after three days of trying), and it was good! Much better than I thought it would be. Both romantic and tragic, it was a real tear-jerker, but in the best way (meaning, the sentimentality wasn’t forced, and you really cared about the characters). The acting was also superb, with Zellwegger and Kidman both very effective, and Jude Law turning in another fine performance (he’s rapidly getting to be one of my favourite actors), despite the fact that his Southern was atrocious. He gets Kudos for trying, though. Even Natalie Portman (whom I would ordinarily swear could not act her way out of the supermarket) did a great job in her small scene. All in all, an excellent film, and highly recommended for one and all.

Nothing To Say…

I have nothing to say to you today. Go away.

Seriously, I’ll add something if anything happens, but it’s been a slow day, so….

Just go away.

DNS, Shelves, And A Film

Well, y’all may have noticed the DNS outage that kept morthaur unavailable for most of yesterday. It seems to have been resolved, but now, of course, I may be having a hard disk issue with my file server- the array needed to rebuild this morning. I hope I don’t have another failing disk, but now I’ll have to find time soon to scan them all. *sigh*

I did add two extensions to my first two bookcases, which brings me to a total of 66 shelves in the living room (more properly called the library, I guess!), plus 15 in the office and two in the bedroom. My lust for books is obviously insatiable. Speaking of which, I blew my gift cards at Barnes today, and another dozen fine volumes are mine…. happy happy me! I was finally able to get Shelby Foote’s massive Civil War narrative, much of which I’d read in library as a bairn, but never finished, and could never justify buying ($75 for one book is a bit excessive, even if it is over 3,000 pages). Anyroad, I was able to space things out well, add some knick-knacks, and now have about two shelves worth of free space in my history section, which should serve me well over the next year of school.

Finally, I’d like to point out that happy little me will be taking Robin to see Cold Mountain in a few minutes. The poor girl will have to suffer through another of my oh-so-boring history flicks; at least this one has a romantic story she can get into to make it worthwhile. If it’s any good, I’ll let y’all know, of course.

Had A Good One?

Yeah, I did, too. Made out like a bandit with the Barnes gift cards, so most of my gifts come to-morrow. Oh, do I have a busy day to-morrow! Run to the bank, order parts for that new engineering system, spend my gifts cards (already got that all worked out! *grin*), and get to IKEA to buy extensions for two of my bookcases, since I’m just about out of room. My collection just gets better every year, dunnit? *grin*

Welp, I be tired so that be all. Except…

“Happy Xmas (War Is Over)” -Lennon.

E-Mail & Froh Weinachten

Hey, I’m almost finished with squirrelmail (I’ve been too lazy to touch it). I have all of the configuration done, I just need to set up IMAP boxes and morthaur Webmail will be back on-line. Then there’s a small matter of fixing the virtual servers I’ve screwed up yesterday, but *shrug* no worries.

Oh, and for the Christians out there… Froh Weinachten! and Joyeux Noël! and Buon Natale! and all that business. Various and sundry Season’s Greetings from your friendly neighbourhood Jew-boy (who’s too big a Scrooge to light the menorah this year)! Now go eat your fruit cakes.

{note: reference is to defunct version of this site.}

Books, Redux

Hey, I had a great idea last night! Since Robin has asked for a reading list, I’ve decided to combine her request with my own reading list, and thereby compile a list of all the great books I’ve read or plan to read. I’m leaving off the crap (we’ve all read lots of crap, haven’t we?) and concentrating on literary classics, influential books, or ones I just enjoyed the hell out of. I’ve finished a rough draft of the fiction list, and will attempt the non-fiction later (that one will be much longer and harder, and will be added to a lot as I remember things). Both of these lists will grow as I notice missing titles I’ve read & liked or as I find new titles that interest me.

Then I had another great idea (I’m on a roll, here!): since I’m making these lists, why not post them here, for all of you to ignore? Yeah, that’d be a gas! I’m about a third of the way through formatting the fiction draft, so it’ll be up soon. No telling when the other list will be done, so don’t hold your breath. What am I saying, you people won’t even look at these, will you?! *grin* Ahh, the things I do to amuse myself and pass the time between semesters.

{note: reference is to defunct version of this site.}

Books, Book, More Books

Robin has determined to gain a solid liberal arts education beginning this (next) year, and has solicited from me a list of book recommendations. I am now agonising over which of the classics to recommend, and in what order. If any of you have suggestions, please e-mail them to the usual place. Oh, and nothing too outrageous to start with (e.g. Joyce).

Speaking of books, I just finished the last of the New Jedi Order series, and it ended better’n I expected. I mean, it can’t have been easy to tie up plot lines from a 19 book series! Not great, but not too shabby at all; enjoyable fluff.

‘Course, I’m still reading several others that I’d like to have done before January, so it’s off to the park for me, I’m afraid. Oh, horrible, torturous existence!