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Still Not Dead…

Working on six different papers, all due in just over a week! I am going mad… I will be back here soon, as summer is coming… a break from school… yah!

“No matter how busy you may think you are, you must find time for reading, or surrender yourself to self-chosen ignorance.” -Confucius


No, I’m not dead. Just very very very busy. I’ll catch up here soon. For now, I sleep.

“SLEEP — Those little slices of death, how I loathe them.” -Edgar Allen Poe

I Am A Tuna Fish Sandwich

Apologies to Berke Breathed for the subject line.

Hey there, how are you all this fine evening, my loyal droogs? Myself, I am in tip-top condition, and quite energetic. I did have it in mind to rant on the Palestinian situation, but I think I’ll spare you all the polemic for this evening. I’m thinking of drafting a lengthy editorial about it, though, so when I do, you can expect to see it here first.

I managed to get 1⁄4 of the way through producing a study guide for my World War II test. As the test is on Tuesday, you can guess what I’ll be working on to-morrow night as well! *grin* I’m not writing anything out for the essay questions, but I am going over them in my noggin. I’ve just come up with my answer for the first choice, and it’s really quite good–I hope she picks that one!

After Tuesday’s exam, I go back into writing mode. The draft of my existential review is due on Friday, and I’m only half-done. Still, I know what I want to say, I just need to get sufficiently inspired and tear into it. My next step is to tear apart Kundera’s usage of Nietzsche’s eternal recurrence: it is absolutely wrong. Since it’s the foundation for his lightness-heaviness polarity, I have just cast a brick through the window of a very beautiful novel. Huh. Oh, well. I wonder if anyone else who’s reviewed the book has attacked his use of Nietzsche… it would be interesting to see what literary critics would have to say about my reading. I am, after all, just a simple historian, and not an English major! *grin*

In other news…

I have recently determined that poodles are evil. More specifically, the toy poodle, which is clearly a work of unspeakable darkness. Recent scientific and archaeological research conducted by Halliburton, inc., has proven beyond all doubt that the poodle was designed to be used as a tool of Lucifer, in his eternal battle for the souls of helpless old ladies, mentally-retarded youngsters, and gay Frenchmen. I hereby single out this wretched beast for swift and mercilous destruction by issuing the following royal edict (on my authority as 42nd earl of Neutopia, and acting regent for the crown):

    1. No citizen of Neutopia is to have any dealings, whether financial, social, or sexual, with a representative of the evil race commonly referred to as “poodle.”

    2. Any citizen caught fraternizing with such vermin will be forcibly sterilized and sent to the spice mines of Kessel; do not pass “Go,” do not collect $200. There are no exceptions, and ignorance of the law is no excuse.

    3. “Poodles” are hereby declared persona non grata and are to be expelled from Neutopian territory immediately, with all applicable force. The use of “Louisville Sluggers” is highly recommended as a means of subduing the spiteful creatures prior to transport.

    4. Any citizen that knowingly aids in the efforts of a “poodle” to evade detection by the authorities and to remain within Neutopia, will face a para-military firing squad comprised of near-sighted mariachi musicians, without benefit of a blindfold and cigarette, or even dark sunglasses.

    5. Any “poodles” remaining in sovereign Neutopian territory beyond 1 May 2004, are to be defenestrated by the nearest citizen. Defenestration should not be attempted in buildings smaller than three storeys, and must not be done on the ground floor. If a suitable structure is unavailable, please contact the proper authorities for instructions in alternate methods of disposal.

    6. Finally, all citizens of the sub-species “felis domesticus” are authorised to attack and consume the remaining “poodles” at will. No citizen is to interfere in the right of “felis domesticus” to devour “poodles,” even if they decide to do so atop your favourite oriental carpet while you’re serving tea to Aunt Millie from Cleveland.

Thank you for your support, and remember to say “Nope” to “Dope” and “Ugh” to “Drugs.” Only you can prevent forest fires. And don’t tell anyone where I touched you, it’ll be our little secret.

“If you don’t know where you are going, any road will take you there.” -Lewis Carroll


This, is entirely true. *grin* And typical. The best ideas always seem to come when semi-lucid in bed. Or in the shower. Or in the car. All times when it’s difficult to write, at any rate.


this morning

I composed several new
of aching beauty

in my head

then I forgot
to get up

I stayed in bed

and now they are


‘The Guru’

Experience is the best teacher. Even the greatest philosophers have to get out and live; otherwise, what good are their ideas? *grin*

‘The Guru’

the guru
sits on his mountain
and chews on the grass

his beard is long
and white
his fingernails are dirty
and short
his clothes are rags
and torn

the guru
sits on his mountain
and thinks about life

he thinks and he ponders
the questions
he answers nothing but
the questions
he thinks he knows
the questions

the guru
sits on his mountain
and scratches his ass

he hides up there
from his life
he hides up there
from experience
he hides up there
from himself

the guru
sits on his mountain
and wastes his time

‘Peace And Serenity’

Hmmm, is it a metaphor? Gee, I dunno… From some time in 2004.

‘Peace And Serenity’

Once long ago
I longed for peace
and serenity

I met her in a bar
in Bangkok

She had on a tight
silk dress and
no panties

For years afterward
I yearned for an end
to my yearning

I longed for peace

I finally took her
in a small boat on
the Yangtse

In her brown eyes there
was only tranquility
and fulfilment
An end

In her red lips there
was only calm
and completion

There was peace

Here was at last
What I had sought
What I had thought
What I had dreamt

Once long ago
I knew peace
and serenity

I met her in a bar
in Bangkok

‘Orange County’

I started this one on the way home from school today, and managed to remember it until I got inside and onto my computer, where I finished it off in seconds. As to which day,.. I have no fucking idea and didn’t write that down. *grin*

‘Orange County’

Fat disabled veteran at the corner
begging for money
and food
huge ass perched
atop a new electric cart and a
cellular ‘phone at his ear

At my run-down apartment complex
seems everyone
has a big-screen TV and
cable and
cellular ‘phones

Kids in the latest fashions
wait outside for the bus to school
and they all have cellular ‘phones
in their pockets

Rusted-out dog shit-brown Pinto
speeds past me on Lincoln
the driver is shirtless
and smoking
and talking on his cellular ‘phone

And the Mexican janitor at school
has his cellular ‘phone
at his hip
and a ballcap on his head

Seems the only man in
Orange County
who can’t afford one of those
cellular ‘phones
is me

Exhaustion, Mental And Otherwise

One month till my 30th. *sigh* I am tired, I did poorly on my German test, I have to go set up a network to-morrow morning, I have a lot of homework to do, and I am feeling very uninspired this evening. I had the writing bug, and was going to work on my existential analysis, but Robin was hungry, so we went to eat first. By the time I got home, I’d lost it. Oh, well. It was getting late anyroad. To-day has been a long and interesting day.

I have nothing more of import to share with you right now, and I think I’ll go to bed a little early for a change. Good night, and Viva SANDINISTA!

“The notion that a radical is one who hates his country is naïve and usually idiotic. He is, more likely, one who likes his country more than the rest of us, and is thus more disturbed than the rest of us when he sees it debauched. He is not a bad citizen turning to crime; he is a good citizen driven to despair.” -H. L. Mencken

Eternal Sunshine?

Have just seen a film that really fucked with my head. Am going to try to sleep now. Will doubtless fail. Whatever. Life is good. The movie was “nice.” And no, I don’t know any other adjectives. *grin*

“The emotions are sometimes so strong that I work without knowing it. The strokes come like speech.” -Vincent van Gogh

Virii… Multiple Varieties…

Huh, so, my friend Mindy has pneumonia, which must suck for her, and my brother’s computer has about 43 different virii, worms, and trojans on it (and counting copies, over 300 virii total), which sucks for me (as I get to fix it). My best thoughts to Mindy for a swift recovery, and my strongest curses to the bastards who’ve been playing with my brother’s machine.

I also did terribly on my German exam, I think, and am worried that I shan’t do so well in the class. *sigh* Weird health is getting to affect my performance during the day. I spent a good part of this fine day with an amazing migraine, and almost no equilibrium. Disturbing. Still, it’s par for the course, given what the doctors are investigating me for. No hints yet, but it’s not very good.

There are a million other things I’d like to blather on about, but it’s late, and I’m frustrated with his computer, and I have to get up early to study for a maths quiz, so I need to concentrate on the task at hand.

George W. Bush is a pathetic little monkey. That was the saddest performance I’ve ever seen from a public figure. Wait, sorry, I forgot about Quayle and Buchanan (who is quite honestly terrifying). Still, Bush is a grade-A moron, and it’s obvious enough who the real president is. Kerry’s a pathetic ass, and no better than any Republican, as far as I’m concerned, but I still hope people vote for him over Cheney ⁄ Bush come November.

Not that I won’t be voting for Nader again… third time in a row, baby! *grin*

Peace and Cherry Sours to the world.

“Truth, in matters of religion, is simply the opinion that has survived.” -Oscar Wilde