Monthly Archives: May 2004

Gee, What A Rip-Off!

And a happy end-of-the-month to all of you! *grin* Let’s see… about that subject line…. see, I wanted to write for a bit to-night, but I keep getting home late and being tired, and then there’s the fact I have to get up quite early to see the Robin out the door, so… this will be yet another shorty. Live with it.

I worked for a bit on Julian’s Web site this morning, and will continue to do so throughout the week. I’m taking his Dreamweaver-generated code and fixing the HTML and creating a directory structure appropriate to a Web server. I’ll add it as a sub-domain here soon, so that you can see how it’s coming along. The design is entirely his, mind you; I take no responsibility for such extravagant artistic endeavours!

Oh, and I bought a security door to-day; how weird is that?! Mayhap I can relax a little re: my beautiful library… *grin* Not like it’s a major target for petty thieves, or anything! Who would want all of that crap?! Nah, it’s just that I wanted a screen door anyroad, and these sort were on sale, and so I figured… what the hell…

To-morrow I meet with Dr. Estes again regarding my senior thesis. I haven’t read nearly as much as I’d hoped to’ve by this time, so I shan’t have as much to say as I’d like, but he apparently has some things he wishes to share with me all the same. Over-all, I’d say the reading & research are going well; I’m finding that I quite enjoy the period, though I daresay it’s not where I intend to remain for long. Still, it’s quite instructive, getting a closer look at the foundations of modern representative government. ‘T’will do me good, no doubt about it.

Got an e-mail from Jayme this evening; that was rather nice. I’ll have to write back to-morrow morning and catch her up on my oh-so-boring life. Seems she’s going to Italy soon. Why is it that so many people I know either live in Italy or are visiting?! Weird little synchronicities… Mayhap the gods are telling me to move to Italy…


Anyroad, I’m off to bed now. Sweet dreams, cold universe!

“The attempt to see the whole or integral man, in place of the rational or epistemological fragment of him, involves our taking a look at some unpleasant things.” -William Barrett

Cheesy Accents And Dust Storms

Belike ye wish I should relate mine happy an’ plentifull adventures of th’ day? Verily, I would indeed do so, and at length, but prithee I beseech ye grant a stay until the morrow. This e’en me dogs is dead and me skull is soft wi’ ale.

Enow wi’ this whiny prattle; aroint wi’ ye, then! Take off, ye surly sheep-biting fustilarian pignut! Have ye not better business in th’ world? Zounds, ye’d think that mine own life was of such great import! Wherefore art ye still about? Begone, miserable mewling idle-headed dizzy-eyed lout! Fie, and leave off!

Anon the morrow, lads and lassies… fare-thee-well… and sod off. *grin*

“Why, then the world’s mine oyster, Which I with sword will open.” -William Shakespeare (from ‘The Merry Wives of Windsor’)

Just A Little To Be Polite…

I am going to the Renaissance Pleasure Faire to-morrow; aren’t you jealous? Other than that, not much goin’ on that I wanna talk about. Maybe later. Or to-morrow night. Huh. Whatever. Shoo!

“Religion and nationalism, as well as any custom and any belief however absurd and degrading, if it only connects the individual with others, are refuges from what man most dreads: isolation.” -Erich Fromm


Right, so I just got back from Mindy’s graduation party at her cute little home in Santa Ana. It was pretty fun. I met many strange people. Her mother is very nice and makes very good paella. I finally got a copy of her completed senior seminar paper on Marsilio Ficino and will get to read it to-morrow (I have just printed it). I am very tired, and have nothing further to say to you. Go away. Right now. Just go.

“People go to church for the same reasons they go to a tavern: to stupefy themselves, to forget their misery, to imagine themselves, for a few minutes anyway, free and happy.” -Mikhail Aleksandrovich Bakunin

What The Hey?!

Bonus! Two days in a row! This is an auspicious omen…

I have had a very lazy day. Did some reading, made three more CDs, checked my grades, . . . not much else. I even forgot to eat until about 20:00, how weird is that?! All in all, a very restful and relaxing day in Liam-ville.

KAOS fans, check out the newly-updated track listing for the recent additions; some good stuff in there, hits and oddities galore.

I have also made my decision re: a Senior Seminar research subject: William Pitt the Elder, 1st Earl Chatham. I’m going to make use of postmodern critical theory to re-visit a well-known figure and put a fresh twist on him. With any luck, the paper won’t suck eggs, and I will be pleased, and the swallows will come back to Capistrano, and there will be free doughnuts for everyone.

To-morrow evening is Mindy’s graduation party. I hope Julie is planning to go (hint, hint!) so’s I’m not stuck there with a million people I don’t know and no one to talk to! I’m not much of a party-person, really. Still, should be entertaining, and I’ll get to meet Mindy’s family and friends. Oh, and I have an excuse to go and buy a couple of exotic beers! Seems like months and months since I’ve been to Alpine Market. I’m gonna find a nice kriek lambic to toast her success; nothing quite like a fine lambic ale. Good wholesome fun for the whole family.

Okay, that’s all ye get to-day, my loyal droogs. Get off the computer and go have some fun! Life’s too short to be dickin’ around on-line. *grin*

“When the rich wage war, it’s the poor who die.” -Jean-Paul Sartre

What? Like You’re Perfect?!

Yeah, so I haven’t gotten back into the habit of writing yet; so what?! I’ll get to it soon enough.

Yes, I know, you, my loyal droogs, are all so very eager to taste the magnificent fruits of my singular genius… but you’ll just have to wait a little longer, okay?!

Saw “Troy” to-day with Mindy, Julie, & Doc Cumiford; fun day, and the film didn’t suck or anything. *grin* Just about what I expected–cheesy, spectacular, violent entertainment. I also gave Mindy a copy of Fowler’s M.E.U. as a graduation gift and she hasn’t screamed or thrown up yet… *grin* A personal gift, to be sure; who else would find such a book for a gift?! I can’t help it if I’m in love with the English language!

Right, so, I’m damned tired and heading off to sleep. I will try to update this again to-morrow and we’ll see if the habit can be properly restored. I have so very much to say and add… I must have about 40 or 50 essays and rants I’d like to type up and post! Then there’re the philosophy and history sections, which continue to languish in half-arsed oblivion four years after this site was born. Until next time…. nah-noo, nah-noo!

“Be wiser than other people if you can; but do not tell them so.” -Philip Dormer Stanhope, 4th Earl Chesterfield

Yeah, Yeah, I Know…

Right, so I say I’m back, and I’ve already missed a day! I’m lazy; sue me. Yesterday was a damned lot of fun. I found some treasures at a used book shoppe, and hung out with Mr. Bear for a little while; I finished a contract job, so now I can eat; and I worked on a late assignment (just submitted) for my Lit. class. To-day has mostly been doctors’ office shtuff. Oh, and I delivered that computer this morning, which went well and chances are good another order will come along soon.

I’m gonna go have dinner now. Get a life; stop reading this boring Web page.

“Turn on to politics, or politics will turn on you.” -Ralph Nader


Yes, indeed, ladies and gentlemen, you heard it here first! The one, the only, LIAM the hyper-nerd is BACK in his Web-log! Tah-dah!

So, yeah, ummm… school’s out, so my excuses are gone… time to get back to this thingy regularly again. I have SO MUCH to write about! To-day was my last two finals, and my poor hand still aches. Oh, and my birthday was two days ago (Mon., the 17th), in case you forgot (You ALL did, you bastards! Only my brother called!). Yeah, so, I’m not, like, bitter, or anything… *grin*

I have one late assignment to finish, a computer to build for a client, a tonne of German homework to make up, and an entire summer to master 18th century Parliamentary politics and the discourse of M. Foucault. Fun! I am so excited to be alive!

Okay, I’m gonna go sleep now. More to come to-morrow. Oh, yes, I am back, and you will hear from me again, yes yes yes… And I have a wealth of material for this site, yes I do… yes I do…

“Absence diminishes little passions and increases great ones,as the wind extinguishes candles and fans a fire.” -Fran├žois de la Rochefoucauld

‘Six O’Clock’

This is a topic I haven’t hit often in the past, and nothing that I know of like it has survived, so here’s a nice little anomaly for ya. Actual day of composition lost.

‘Six O’Clock’

I was there at 6 o’clock promptly
the movie started at 8, so
we had time to get dinner

but I was no sooner in the door than
she had my trousers open and
my cock in her hand

she was horny as hell and didn’t
give a shit about the movie
I didn’t either, anymore

we made it as far as the couch
then she was on top of me and
I was inside of her

we rolled around for the next hour or so
then I got up to make us some coffee
we sat and talked until 2

when the fire had died down we
pulled some blankets from the closet and
went to sleep on the floor


No, I’m not a homophobe; why do you ask?! *grin* Seriously, this is a caricature based on something I’d witnessed taking place the night I wrote it. Get over it.


We were on opposite aisles but
he kept giving me “the eye”

I tried not to notice
squirmed in my seat a little and
tried not to look in his direction

I thought,
“I’m not threatened here,
I can just ignore him.”

But then he came and
sat down next to me.
“Great, now what?”
I thought
and tried to keep my head turned away.

He persisted;
he didn’t notice that I
wasn’t interested, I guess.

When he put his hand on my leg
I thought,
“That’s it,
no more of this politeness shit.”

I turned to him and said,

“Take your fucking hand off my leg
before I break it off and shove it up
your ass.”

He turned kind of pale,
looked at me like a wounded animal
and jerked his hand back

muttered, “Sorry”

and got up to leave.

I sat there for a while
I might have over-reacted a little.