Monthly Archives: November 2011

Cat Door To The Patio

Moving into an abandoned house is a lot of work! In the coming weeks I will likely make quite a few posts here showing my progress, including some astonishing before & after shots of my current rooms.

My most recent project — finished today and hence on my mind — was putting in a cat door to the enclosed patio. That latter was a large undertaking in itself and I will be putting up photos of it later, but suffice for now to say that I have enclosed the patio in cat-proof chain link and wood, and my kids now have an outdoor play area while the outer fence is repaired.

The cat door was placed in a window rather than the ground, to discourage mice & insects & dust, and for security purposes. The storm window was removed, then the window slid open and a carefully-cut board was set into the window track. The window was then closed a couple centimetres to touch the edge of the wood, and locked in place from the inside.

The wood panel obviously has the cat door in it (see photos below). From the inside they step up from my spare desk and pass through the door onto a book case full of cat supplies. Right beside it is my cat tree, set in front of the other window so I can watch a cat or three sleeping on/in it.

I am overall very happy with the work, which is probably why I am shamelessly showing it off to World+Dog. Enjoy!

More Than A Month…

Yep, more than a month has elapsed since my last post. I would like to say I have been holidaying on the French Riviera, but in truth I’ve just been busy moving house & working, and it’s been tough to fit it in. I’ve got it set so that I can work from my telephone, so even if I can’t put up some lengthy rant I should at least be able to resume commentary on news and life.

I will add details and photos later, but I have moved up to family property in Yucca Valley. Yes, I now live in redneck country… *lol* It’s a good two hours from work, but the rent is free, I have 2.5 acres of hilly wilderness, the weather is nice, and it’s quiet. My hope is that I will be able to establish a good routine this winter of reading, writing, and language study whenever I’m up on the mountain, and put errands on the days I have to go down for work. My goal is a chapter or two of my dissertation this year, and the quiet should be more conducive to that than living in OC.

There’s a lot of work to do here yet, and I still have some things in Irvine to move up, but I will get to that next week. For now the cats and I are settling in, things are finding their proper place, I’m doing a lot of cleaning, and somewhere in that I am grading papers and suchlike. It’s putting some demands on my time but I’m finding myself overall happier to be doing it, and the drive isn’t all that bad; most of it is beautiful, really. Okay, back to work for me, but this will continue soon…