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Welcome, welcome. This is my ‘blog, and this is the obligatory site intro.

Why is this site called “Liam’s Laconic Lyricism”, you might be asking. The title is obviously nonsense, since a laconic person is seldom lyrical, and I am often neither! At this point is sounds familiar to me, but it used to mean more. Many of my earliest Web posts were very brief, and I used to post my poems. I let the reader judge whether at present I say a lot in few words or run at the mouth, and whether my prose has an appealing ring. *grin* But given my taste for irony, the title works either way.

In addition to my travel journal, I will be posting regular commentary on the news, meditations drawn from influences of mine, and the occasional book review. It will therefore mix professional content with the personal and philosophical. I will be posting my CV here and information about my work. There is also a photo gallery up, though still mostly empty as it is a slow process working the photos and formatting for the Web! It can be found at liammaheriv.com/gallery.

I have had a Website since the mid-90s and it went through many iterations, initially hosted by me while I was studying system administration, but since 2003 or 2004 hosted off-site. I should have said, I have had many Websites; there were others, some defunct, others I will eventually link from here. The former main site was at morthaur.net, but that now redirects here. The content on that site was pulled in 2007 and I’ve been without a main Web presence aside from my travel journal (and facebook) since then.

Recently I have taken that travel journal and moved it to this new database and new site, and I will be adding content slowly by raiding the previous iterations of my journal. I have kept a Weblog off and on since 2001. Well, more times off than on, and many of those entries were pithy personal comments of only historical value now! Still, I feel like consolidating; eventually, I will leave myself hanging out here, bad poems and all.

In terms of content for this site, more will be added I’m sure, but current plans should keep me busy for a while. If you enjoy my pieces on the news (like the recent Syria’s Folly, for instance) please say so in the comments field — I would love to hear from you! And any general comments about the site and what goes up, likewise feel free to share your thoughts.

Okay, that’s enough of an introduction for now. For now you can expect regular updates on my adventures overseas, as in previous summers. Until next time…Your humble host, Liam.

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