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Eternal Sunshine?

Have just seen a film that really fucked with my head. Am going to try to sleep now. Will doubtless fail. Whatever. Life is good. The movie was “nice.” And no, I don’t know any other adjectives. *grin*

“The emotions are sometimes so strong that I work without knowing it. The strokes come like speech.” -Vincent van Gogh

Food And Philosophy

Hey, looks like nothing else did happen yesterday! Hmm, all I can remember doing is sitting at Barnes sipping a cappucino and reading one of my new books. Must have been a very slow day-in-the-life.

I have added a bit to the philosophy page last night and this morning, beginning to outline my major influences. I’ve gotten five done, and I’ll pick up with the others later. All comments and summaries are my own, and I’m not recommending any reading I haven’t done myself. That won’t be the case for all of them (particularly Russell and Wittgenstein, with their maths and logic work), but I’ll note where such is the case.

To-day I haven’t much planned, other than dinner & a movie with Robin. I think we’ll hit the Macaroni Grill, and then catch (surprise!) Cold Mountain, which I have thus far failed to make twice now.

addendum: Cold Mountain

Hey, I just got back from seeing Cold Mountain (after three days of trying), and it was good! Much better than I thought it would be. Both romantic and tragic, it was a real tear-jerker, but in the best way (meaning, the sentimentality wasn’t forced, and you really cared about the characters). The acting was also superb, with Zellwegger and Kidman both very effective, and Jude Law turning in another fine performance (he’s rapidly getting to be one of my favourite actors), despite the fact that his Southern was atrocious. He gets Kudos for trying, though. Even Natalie Portman (whom I would ordinarily swear could not act her way out of the supermarket) did a great job in her small scene. All in all, an excellent film, and highly recommended for one and all.

DNS, Shelves, And A Film

Well, y’all may have noticed the DNS outage that kept morthaur unavailable for most of yesterday. It seems to have been resolved, but now, of course, I may be having a hard disk issue with my file server- the array needed to rebuild this morning. I hope I don’t have another failing disk, but now I’ll have to find time soon to scan them all. *sigh*

I did add two extensions to my first two bookcases, which brings me to a total of 66 shelves in the living room (more properly called the library, I guess!), plus 15 in the office and two in the bedroom. My lust for books is obviously insatiable. Speaking of which, I blew my gift cards at Barnes today, and another dozen fine volumes are mine…. happy happy me! I was finally able to get Shelby Foote’s massive Civil War narrative, much of which I’d read in library as a bairn, but never finished, and could never justify buying ($75 for one book is a bit excessive, even if it is over 3,000 pages). Anyroad, I was able to space things out well, add some knick-knacks, and now have about two shelves worth of free space in my history section, which should serve me well over the next year of school.

Finally, I’d like to point out that happy little me will be taking Robin to see Cold Mountain in a few minutes. The poor girl will have to suffer through another of my oh-so-boring history flicks; at least this one has a romantic story she can get into to make it worthwhile. If it’s any good, I’ll let y’all know, of course.

A Quick One

Not much time to write to-day, but can’t lose the habit… *grin* I leave for the dentist shortly, then will be filling in for mother at the childcare centre… another opportunity to corrupt the youth…

Saw ‘Rings last night, and it was better’n I thought it would be, given the radical changes. A very effective film, with several tear-jerkin’ scenes (yeah, I mist up at movies; don’t YOU?!).

One last- I added another lyric section to the music page. More to come with time. Cheers!

Samurai, The Clash, And Rings

Welp, I saw ‘Samurai last night, and must say, I really liked it. Overall, it was actually better than I thought it would be, which was a welcome surprise. I mean, I knew parts of it would be cheesy, and that large parts of the plot had been ripped bleeding out of Dances With Wolves, but the majority of it was startlingly un-cheesy. Exemplia gratia, what I thought was building up to a pointless sex scene, was actually a very tender moment, expressing a growing connexion and focused upon the fear of loss.

In other news… someone mentioned the Clash to me twice recently, which is a dangerous thing to do when I have a little extra cash in hand from a recent gig. You see, there was one Clash album I still did not have on CD, and that is no longer true! Oh, yes, Sandinista! is now mine! In the nifty re-master, which includes a newspaper-style lyric sheet. Now I have all of the Clash’s official US albums, plus Story Of… and the boxed set. All I need is the UK version of the first, and Super Black Market Clash to have all my bases covered; ‘course, the digital re-masters of the albums I have would be nice… but I’ll live without ’em for a few more years! Good stuff from the “only band that matters.”

Final note for to-day- The Return of the King is out! I will be seeing it in a few hours! Isn’t that FANTASTIC?! I thought so. Bear’s comin’ in from Temecula (AKA Hell), and he & Robin & I will be seeing it at 1900. ‘Course, I saw the other two films three or four times in cinema, so I’ll have to find other folks to tag along with to see it again! Robin’ll safely wanna see it twice, but I don’t know beyond that. Y’know, normally I hate watching any film again, but there are a few great ones I’ll watch again and again (2001: A Space Odyssey, anyone?); these films, however, are just incredible eye-candy. The cinematography alone is enough to drag me back into the big screen a few times. I have quibbles, but overall, these have been excellent films, and I’m only sorry I missed the extended versions on the big screen.

Sunday, Then

Okay, guess I’ll be seeing The Last Samurai on Sunday, so Kings is first. C’est la vie. On the other hand, Mindy does not work that day, so she’ll have to suffer my obnoxious presence for longer than just a movie. Heh. In other news, I just added another five or six pieces to my poetry page; enjoy ’em! Or I’ll kill you.

Apple-One just called me for a reference on Bear… Don’t worry, I was nice. The temptation was excruciating, though. Tonight I’m going to go find something fun to do with Robin; something other than that blasted movie… Mayhap we’ll go to Laguna or Santa Monica or something. I’ll let y’all know if it was at all remarkable (you know I will, whether you care or not! Three days in a row now, so I’m on a roll!).

Good Gracious! Hell Hath Frozen Over!

I haven’t made entries on two consecutive days in many, many months- probably not since 2001! I never could get the hang of this Web-log thingy. *shrug* But you all love me anyroad, right? Right?

As to why I’m writing to-day… Hey, do I need a damn reason? If so, I should probably figure out why this whole site exists in the first place! As far as I’m concerned, personal Web sites are all about ego. Hmmm, much like poetry. *grin* I’ve been quoted saying that poetry was intellectual and emotional masturbation. Now when you read from my poetry section, you can get an appropriate mental image….

“And now for something completely different.”

I’m still hoping to see The Last Samurai, especially after Mathias’ glowing review last night over bier at Alcatraz (incidentally, Clarke was right, their red is pretty good). Ya hear that, Mindy? Mathias says it’s good, so let’s go, already! *grin* I wonder if it’s this difficult to get ‘hold of me; I thought _I_ was the only one left in Kalifornia with no mobile ‘phone!

Hopefully I’ll get that out of the way before Wednesday, when the King returns… I know Chris has his panties in a knot over the deviations from the books, but as far as I’m concerned, these are still fine films, just not the Lord of the Rings. I happen to agree with him about the changed focus and message of the story, but this is still first-rate fantasy, and probably the best adaptation we’re likely to get, and I am determined to enjoy the hell out of ’em. I will, consequently, be there Wednesday afternoon with Bear and Robin and anyone else who wants to tag along; wanna come with us, World? It’ll be fun! I’ll even promise not to talk too much about the back story this time…

What Have I Been Doing?

I obviously haven’t been keeping my Web site up-to-date! I wonder why I can never remember to add anything to it in a timely manner. *shrug* Ah, well. I have been keeping busy, though.

Since 11 September, I’ve been even more attentive to the foreign press than normal (I already read six newspapers per day, as I’m an avid follower of US foreign policy and world affairs). Things are going just about as bad as I thought they would, with only a few bright spots in the whole sordid affair.

I’ve also been making some progress in my health- I have taken in no caffeine in over two months! I drink a lot of water, and have started going to Bally’s. I definitely feel a lot better for these small changes, and am glad I finally received the kick in the pants that I needed to get started. So far I’ve noticed no ill effects from either my new condition or the accompanying drug. *yay*

I finally got in touch with two of my friends from high school. Whilst out at the Yard House for friend-Bob’s birthday, we made a call to Chris, and he finally called us back! I’ve been hanging with him rather a lot since then. Through him, I found Will, and have seen him once already (he lives in Temecula- yuck!). Over-all, this has been a very interesting couple of months…


I just saw ‘Waking Life’ in the cinema with Robin, and all I have to say is “WOW!” If you’re at all interested in life, reality, illusion, dreams, consciousness, and being alive and human (boy, that’s a lot of people!), go and see this film. It’s mind-blowingly good.

Mail Server & Moulin Rouge

Wow, I finally got around to bringing my mail server back on-line! Nifty, eh? Now I have to do a buncha testing (system load, security, etc.) to see if I can keep it running where and how it is. I’m still a rank amateur at things like this- I’ve never had any training in, nor studied extensively, system security. I’m gonna hafta get off my duff and do that soon, but for now I’ll just leave that jazz to Doug and concentrate on my own pet projects… *grin*

I saw Moulin Rouge last night- fabulous film, I highly recommend it. It had a real heart-rending ending, the music was incredible, the cinematography was pure eye-candy, great sets, and Ewan is still a fabulous actor. Whew! Is that enough praise? *grin* The film had a lot of great messages, and a story that’s a lot deeper than one would suspect on the surface. Watch it and see for yourself, ‘k?