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Zombie Journalism!

I am at present trying to shake off the rigor mortis in my fingers and spring back to life, my loyal droogs! Oh, how you all can’t wait to see my latest ramblings, I’m sure. *grin*

But I do indeed, kidding aside, have some things to say this week on Iran and Syria. I’ve carved out a writing time; now let’s see if I can prevent anything from flooding into it and knocking me off course! So place your bets now: Am I a zombie journalist, or am I still dead? We shall soon find out….

Yay, Mosquitoes!

The Nile is pretty and all, but… *grumble* This post is made as a warning to future travellers: Experiment with bug repellents before you come! I stopped counting at 67 mosquito bites. I have tried two poisons to no avail, and the anti-itch cream I brought with me doesn’t work for shit. Find the formulae that work for you and the critters and save yourself the scratching. And bring a mosquito net! *lol*

Anyway, I’m off to the Tahrir iftar, and hoping it’s a bit more exciting than to-day’s Al-Ahram made it sound. *grin*

Oh, and.. I am behind on posts but I started my Giza story and made notes for the Egyptian Museum. Those should go up before I leave the country for sure.

The Most Awesome Photo Ever

Too tired to write, so here’s your update: the most awesome picture ever taken. *lol*

wow. just wow.

Yes, that bicyclist just shot out into oncoming traffic without pausing one bit, all the while balancing a tray of bread on his head. I couldn’t help picturing the car hitting him and the bread flying everywhere…

Uninvited Guests In Rekhovot

Just for the hell of it, here are a couple of photos of some uninvited guests. These guys had a nest in the corner of the window, lodged back where they retract into the wall. I therefore got to listen to their shrill cries off and on for a couple of weeks. *lol* But one day I came home and found…

Can you believe this guy? Sittin' there tryin' to look all regal and dignified... YOU'RE A PIGEON! I'm not buyin' it!

And how about this:

Um, yeah. Notice the pigeon shit on the sofa? Nice.

This next is a shot of where they were last week, huddled in the back of the window recess where I couldn’t reach them and they didn’t have to leave:

Will you two kids PLEASE keep the racket down so I can get to sleep? *lol* In all fairness, some of the noise-attacks happened because a third pigeon wanted in. Other times they seemed to do it just for the hell of it...

And this last is of where they ended up, right before I closed the window…

Oh. bad move, dood! Bad move...

So, yeah, I guess I do feel a little bad about making these two love-birds homeless. And it was such a good place to hide! But I’ve slept better in the past few days than I have in more than a week, and when it’s a choice between my health and the pigeons’… they lose.