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Taking A Break

A lot has been happening in my life, some good, a lot bad, and I just don’t have the will to sustain this any longer. I’ll come back on-line when I have more to say and the energy to say it. Until then… think for yourself, trust no-one, be happy in your own skin, and hold onto your dreams as long as you can. A life without dreams is hardly worth the name.


About This Site

I figured I should take a moment to say something about this Website for those fine individuals who are seeing it now because I am about to leave the country again! I will get around to the new ‘about this site’ page eventually, but for now this will do…

Why is this site called “Liam’s Laconic Lyricism”, you might be asking, The title is obviously nonsense, since a laconic person is seldom lyrical, and I am not often either! At this point is just sounds comfortable to me, but it used to mean more than it does. Many of my early Web posts were very brief, hence, laconic; and I used to post my poems on-line. The name may not fit the character of the site, or it may — I let the reader judge whether I say a lot in few words, and whether my prose has an appealing sound! *grin* But given my penchant for irony and the absurd, it still feels more than appropriate.

I have had a Website since the mid-90s and it went through many iterations, in the early years hosted by me on a home server, but since 2003 or 2004 hosted professionally. I suppose I should have said, I have had Websites; there were others, some of them defunct, others I will eventually link from this one. The main site I had for a long time was at, but it now redirects here. The content on that site was pulled in 2007 and I’ve been without a main Web presence aside from my travel journal (and facebook, heh) since then.

Recently I have taken that travel journal and moved it to this new database and new site, and I will be adding content to the database slowly from the previous iterations of my journal. I kept a Weblog off and on since 2001. Well, more times off than on, and many of those entries were pithy personal comments of only historical value now! Still, I feel like consolidating, so there you go; eventually, I will leave myself hanging out here, bad poems and all.

In addition to my journal, I intend to get to regular commentary on the news, and to posting book reviews that I like to write as mental exercises. It will therefore mix professional content with personal. I will be posting my CV here and information about my work. There is also a photo gallery up, though most of its folders are still empty as it is a slow process working through thousands of photos and formatting for the Web! It can be found at More things will be added, I’m sure, but that should keep me busy for now. And if you enjoy my pieces on the news (like the recent Syria’s Folly, for instance) please say so in the comments field — I would love to hear from you!

Okay, that’s enough of an introduction for now. I will be leaving the country to-morrow and be gone until September. You an expect regular updates on my adventures here, just as in previous summers. Until next time…Your humble host, Liam.

Grading Papers, Grading Papers, Grading Papers

Grading papers, grading papers, grading papers. Who has time to write anything interesting? *grin* As usual, I have things to say and not enough time to say it, only this time I’m not going to stop writing. Instead, I’m going to make this annoying B.S. post to shame myself into finding time… Heh.

Old News And Silly Poems

Yesterday I restored onto a local (in-home) Web server a copy of my old Internet forum, which has all of my journal entries from 2005 through 2007. I also found and put on there a copy of my old Web site, which has tonnes of poems and stories and papers I had written, as well as an even older journal. I have to get the database restored for that one still, but it shouldn’t be too hard to locate & configure.

Having this material will allow me to re-post a bunch of old entries to the current database, making this a little more representative of me. However, since most of the old material is personal and this site is intended to be half-way professional, I will probably have to cherry-pick what I borrow! The current site should and will have a lot on it that deals with my own life and interests outside academia, but the actual minutia of my day-to-day is not what I’m looking to share on it.

I’m still trying to decide what to do with all the bad old poems, too. I suspect I will re-post a lot of them here, but how do I handle the dates? If I set the post-date to match the composition date, for a lot of them no big deal — but for some it will mean I have ‘posts’ on here from the late 80s and early 90s! I suspect that will look a little … weird. Still, if I’m to share any of that stuff I would certainly not want anyone to think it was written any time recently! *lol*

Sadly, in fact, I have very few poems saved after 2004. I have tended, over most of my life, either not to bother writing down the lines that comes to me; not to finish what I did scribble; to lose what I had started or finished before I type it up; or just to throw it away because I didn’t care enough. I’ve gone through phases where I thought my inspirations were worth preservation, but for the most part I haven’t taken them seriously enough to merit any real steps to protect. To give an example, I scribbled down four or five couplets I had in my head a couple of days ago on one of my ubiquitous notecards, but I have no idea what I did with it, or if I would bother to finish it should I find it.

All right, that’s all you get for to-day, world. I’m headed out to the desert to dig graves with a backhoe. For whom do you think I should reserve them, mmm? *grin*

One Step Closer

Today I finished moving my photo gallery from the old domain to this one (http://liammaheriv/gallery) though of course it is still far, far from being full. I have as one of my summer projects to weed through more photos and get them posted. I also redirected two of my other domain names to this one, and I’m almost ready to close the original journal and site down & redirect that here as well. Just a few more things to do…

I was going to write on either the Syrian protests or the Obama Mid-East speech to-day but I’ve just been too caught up is school papers and being sick, etc. Maybe to-morrow. *grin* But getting more of the site together and coming back to post a short note again to-day is a healthy sign, no? ‘Blogging regularly is one of my more serious resolutions lately. A friend of mine has been inspiring me to try harder and keep at it, so once I have the technical excuses out of the way I’ll have to get back to saying something substantive!


Well, not really; I’ve actually kept pretty busy. I haven’t done much on the Web site, though. I have two more volumes finished for KAOS but I’m far too lazy to update the track listing to-night. Maybe to-morrow. I’m also thinking of finally putting my CV on-line. I had planned to do so three years ago and never got around to it. Of course, I was originally going to set up a separate business site using my .com address and my CV would more appropriately have gone there. Instead, I have toned down the language a little and minimised the polemics (trying for a ‘R’ rating, instead of an ‘X’!) and gone with a single site for the time being. I’m not motivated enough to develop for this one; I couldn’t imagine trying to keep up two sites at once! *grin*

Anyroad, so the CV idea now comes back to me because Haddie has decided to post his. He also found an old electronic copy of mine (I had lost it when my file server died) so I’ll be able to recover the letters of recommendation without having to re-scan them. Now I just need to remember how to take a .pdf apart… *grin* I’ll probably add it here soon, though, as it’s a nice idea. The letters are fun to show off, too! They’re pretty damn complimentary. What I think I’ll do, however, is set it up in such a way that I’ll be able to keep two separate CVs, one for my past (and present) professional history and one for my academic accomplishments. I imagine that’s the one that will be most useful to me in a year or so when I apply for doctoral programmes, but I’ll probably include my old letters, as well–they’re good character references! *grin*

By-the-by…. Hey, Haddie! Check your e-mail for a gift of code. Dunno how the ‘strict’ limitation will affect my work, and I’m too lazy to keep up with changing Web standards. *grin* At least I’m not using HTML 3.2 anymore! (Lazy… “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”)

I’m going to cut short to-night, even though I’m feeling a good rant coming on. If I start into it, I’ll have to move the London announcement off the front page a day or two sooner than I’d like. I do think I’ll let this one rip soon, though; I’m feeling a little nostalgic for my teenage Reagan-bashing years. He’s gotten too much good press lately from people who obviously have no memory whatsoever for what actually went down in the 1980s. Sure, he was a popular media icon and won two overwhelming electoral victories; does that make him a good president? If one day the coddled masses decide to elect a fascist dictatorship, do I have to support that as well and contribute to the whitewashing of history to defend its “accomplishments” and “democratic ideals”? Nope; I think not. Reagan fucked this country up royally, and anyone who can’t remember or won’t acknowledge that simple fact is living in some alternate universe where the laws of decency and honesty are clearly reversed… More on this to come.

“I am not worried about the deficit. It is big enough to take care of itself.” -Ronald Reagan

Important News Coming Soon

Some truly incredible things have happened to me in the past few days. I’m not at liberty to discuss the details as yet, but as early as Monday (and no later than Wednesday), I will spill the whole sordid affair here for you, my loyal fans and friends. *grin* Damn, but I’m excited! Bouncing giddy happy excited little Liam…

Site Change: I have decided to keep betwixt 1-3 entries on the front page only, to speed load times for those on dial-up connexions. This may become a critical issue as I find myself making longer entries more frequently… Also, if I feel I’m not unduly cluttering the front page, I may feel freer to rant more often. Consequently, I have added a second archival link at the bottom of the log which takes you directly to the remainder of the current month’s ravings (in case you miss a day or more). The more general archival link remains in place to its immediate right.

No more to-day… too excited to write… I’ll have another good rant soon, for those of you who follow them. I’ve been ruminating on the conflict betwixt modernity and post-modernity and seeking some level ground wherein I can best exploit the ideas of both. Specifically, I am interested in building upon Habermas’s social ideas whilst incorporating my own serious disagreements with them… Long story, and difficult, but I’ll try soon. Anyroad… get off this Web site and get some sleep! Cheers!

“Nothing exists except through language.” -Hans-Georg Gadamer

Biotech Is Godzilla

Hmmm, I am listening to an album… can anyone guess which one…? Haddie, you’re not allowed to guess — it would be cheating. Damn, it’s been a while since I’ve had this on. I am still curious about the three albums they’ve done without Max — they get good reviews, but I’m too poor and I don’t know anyone who’s bought ’em, so I’ve no idea what they sound like now. Ah, well.

A big “HALLO” to Marta, who has finally looked at my Web site, and who seems to think this page is it… *grin* Look around, my friend… there’s already a lot here and it’s going to get huge over the next year or two! *grin* Anyroad, welcome aboard the Good Ship Liamowicz, where “a splendid time is guaranteed for all.” If you take a look here in the Web-log section regularly, you’ll find me ruminating on, well, whatever the heck I’ve been thinking about lately… Sometimes I rant, other times I make bad jokes, oftimes I just babble on about what I’ve been doing lately. It’s a really fun way to keep a journal. (Not that anyone -ought- to care what I’m doing, but that’s not really the point. Aren’t ‘blogs just exercises in vanity anyhow? *lol*

Seen to-day on a license plate frame: “Did You Know: Cancer Cures Smoking”; he plate itself said “SMOG BAD”; pretty darned funny. Gotta love healthy sarcasm.

I answered a question to-day about my views on human sexuality and relationships and I was thinking about taking my response and expanding it into a nice little rant for the Web-log here. If I finish that to-night (umm, if I have time to even _think_ about it!), I’ll post it later as an addendum. Otherwise, it make make an appearance to-morrow. Warning: it will be predictably Liam-ish and unorthodox.

I’m gonna get back to my music. I am composing a R.E.M. compilation set-list in my head right now, which is kinda weird since I’m listening to … oops, I almost told you! You have to guess! *snicker* Either way, their sounds could not be further apart without a conscious effort… heh… Anyroad, I am only short one R.E.M. album, which I will probably buy soon as I saw it on sale recently, and it’s always fun to make a retrospective when you have all of the albums from a given artist. As soon as I can afford to buy “Fables of the Reconstruction” I’ll make that set. Oh, and I’ve been thinking of doing one for the Smiths & Morrissey for some time, so maybe I’ll do that in between–I already have everything there. Uh, oh, wait a minute… Morrissey just released a new album… I don’t have everything… damn… Oh, well.

“It’s so easy to laugh, it’s so easy to hate– it takes strength to be gentle and kind.” -Steven Patrick Morrissey

I Am A Liar And A Cheat

I am updating my Web-log at 0330 on the 13th and calling it the 12th. So, yes, I technically missed a day again, but not really, since I haven’t gone to sleep yet and it still feels like the same day to me! *grin*

I have spent the last six hours or so chatting with Haddie about Life, The Universe, And Everything ™ and finally had to call it quits and get some sleep. He is now on his lonely drive back to Tustin and I am sitting at my terminal, insomniac and hyper. *sigh* I need to try to get some sleep, as I do need to wake up in the morning. Or rather, a little later to-day, as it is already morning. Whatever.

“Unlimited power is apt to corrupt the minds of those who posses it; and this I know, my lords: that where law ends, tyranny begins.” -William Pitt the Younger


Good evening, my loyal droogs! How are thee this fine and frolicsome evening? Me, I have been having a most entertaining and enlightening time of it, yes indeed; a good day all ’round.

First of all, I had a splendid lunch with Doc. E. and friend-Julie wherein we discussed our respective projects. That’s always fun. We shall continue the conversation next week — hopefully by then I’ll have gotten closer to a final topic choice! So hard!

Then, I got electrocuted at Kaiser, which was a most interesting experience — highly recommended. My hand tingled for the next two hours. Weird. It was all very nifty and scientific — electrodes on me flesh and a little taser in his hand… *zap* *zap* ‘jerk’ goes the Liam! Fun. *grin*

I have just added yet another essay to the collection; this one my first attempt at fiction criticism. Be honest — does it suck eggs? Balls, maybe? *shrug* I got better by the second one, and no question. Still, ‘t’was a fun paper to write and very quick.

To-morrow, I have no more lofty ambition than to get Melvin an oil change (that’s me Toyota, for those of you not “in the know”), and maybe do some reading. Isn’t my life just the very model of rock star excess?! All those wild parties and drugs and cheap women and fast cars… Or maybe it’s just books. Yeah, that’s more like it. I read books. Don’t you wish you were me? I know I do. *grin*

Hey, Haddie! What happened to your Web-log, foo? You’re even more boring than I am — looks like nothing’s happened to you in more than a month. Has your job been out-sourced to Elbonia yet? Are you teaching the natives COBOL? Have they offered you their patented shrunken-head recipe or taught you how to spear fish with swizzle-sticks? Be sure to update your log whenever you return to Planet Earth.

Ooo, speaking of Earth… Julie has figured out what’s wrong with me! Isn’t that great? Isn’t that what friends are for (to highlight our deficiencies and offer clever rationales for them)?! Okay, it goes something like this:

I am not Liam. Liam is in stasis in a subterranean chamber on Titan (you know, that methane-atmosphere Saturnian satellite that looks so purty in yer telescope). His body is ageing but his mind is a blank. Meanwhile, I have replaced him. I am, therefore, from Titan.

However, I have no actual memory of this fact, as I am on a secret mission to gather data on Earth societies and my programme managers would like an unbiased report. So long as I think I am an Earthling, I will be able to gather data unconsciously and naturally through my experiences, which will then be off-loaded into a computer matrix back home when I am recovered at some later date (and a slightly-confused Liam is returned).

My mysterious physical ailments stem from minor errors in the morphing process that transformed my methane-breathing silicon-based body into this carbon-based human replica. The morphing machine is very advanced, but of course, all computers suck, and I got stuck with a few anomalies during the transformation. Since my physiology is not actually that of an Earthling, and is only disguised as such, the doctors have been unable to locate a source for the strange reactions and sensations — they are originating in organs that have no Earth analogues and cannot be seen through my disguise.

This theory also neatly explains my continuing perplexity regarding typical human social customs and practices. One would expect that a native-born Earthling would not question such obviously-logical, practical, and useful inventions and innovations as:
      high-heeled shoes,
      single-variable calculus,
      breast implants,
      door-to-door salesmen,
      political correctness,
      contemporary art,
      Jennifer Lopez,
      ghettos and homeless people,
      evangelists and missionaries,
      American football,
      automated telephone systems,
      Hormel’s tasty Spam,
      thermonuclear weaponry,
      and George W. Bush.
And yet, I remain thoroughly confused by these any many other examples of human engineering and creative talents. Clearly, there are gaps in the knowledge that was available on my planet for advance programming of bio-agents. I am sure that someone far more intelligent than I will be able to take the information that I have gathered and make some sense of the above list.

I’m sure by now you’re all wondering… “hey, if you can’t remember any of this, how does Julie know that you’re an alien, anyway?” Well, that should be obvious enough, even for the human intellect. You see, Julie’s an alien, too. Of course, she has a different mission and a different planet of origin, which means that she was allowed to retain her memories. Surely you’re familiar with the old saying, “it takes one to know one”?

Julie saw through my disguise immediately, but waited until to-day to find a polite way to broach the subject. I mean, how do you tell a guy, “Umm, Liam, actually I don’t think that you’re even human….” Now, most folks would get kind of upset or be traumatised by the revelation (that, or they’d think you were insane for mentioning it in the first place…). Since I am not human, my response was typically Liam-ish: a raised eyebrow and a muttered “fascinating…”. Then I laughed. And updated my Web-log. *grin*

Okay, I’m tired. You may leave now.

“The ideal of beauty is simplicity and tranquility.” -Johann Wolfgang von Goethe