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Moving Furniture, Putting Up Shelves, Laughing At Myself

Thus far this morning I’ve finished moving the furniture around in the back bedroom, set up the shelves in the kitchen and added the first items, finished the furniture move in the living room save for the new teevee stand, and put the last of the ionic air filters into place. I also have a little music player in the kitchen now, and will be working on the patio stereo later. I have a bunch of frames to hang newly-printed photos, and a frame for my Red Vic poster from way-back-when. Also on the schedule: trying to finish the kitchen properly, including scrubbing the refer and stove, hanging the whiteboard, and putting away the last of the junk sitting in the centre of the floor. But for now it’s off to the shower, then to town for a couple errands. Andrew’s coming up soon to get Lucky so I’m gonna lose my doggie today. Ah…. 🙁

Absolutely none of this is of interest to 99.999% of you out there, so why am I typing it? Just because. That’s all; just because. *grin* Back in the day little personal updates like this were pretty common on my site, and if I don’t have time to say anything substantive, maybe doing it again would at least help solidify a habit of writing here. I seem only able to be consistent when the rest of my life is upside down, as when I’m overseas. Now that things are settling down, I need new ways to refocus myself on writing. One brilliant idea handed to me by a girlfriend recently is to keep a dissertation journal, scribbling down my ideas as I have them. I may do that here or in an unpublished part of the site; who knows. But I like the idea of getting myself to writing down the crazy notions as I have them. And if I’m to be writing down one type of crazy stuff… why not the above? 😉

Zombie Journalism!

I am at present trying to shake off the rigor mortis in my fingers and spring back to life, my loyal droogs! Oh, how you all can’t wait to see my latest ramblings, I’m sure. *grin*

But I do indeed, kidding aside, have some things to say this week on Iran and Syria. I’ve carved out a writing time; now let’s see if I can prevent anything from flooding into it and knocking me off course! So place your bets now: Am I a zombie journalist, or am I still dead? We shall soon find out….

More Than A Month…

Yep, more than a month has elapsed since my last post. I would like to say I have been holidaying on the French Riviera, but in truth I’ve just been busy moving house & working, and it’s been tough to fit it in. I’ve got it set so that I can work from my telephone, so even if I can’t put up some lengthy rant I should at least be able to resume commentary on news and life.

I will add details and photos later, but I have moved up to family property in Yucca Valley. Yes, I now live in redneck country… *lol* It’s a good two hours from work, but the rent is free, I have 2.5 acres of hilly wilderness, the weather is nice, and it’s quiet. My hope is that I will be able to establish a good routine this winter of reading, writing, and language study whenever I’m up on the mountain, and put errands on the days I have to go down for work. My goal is a chapter or two of my dissertation this year, and the quiet should be more conducive to that than living in OC.

There’s a lot of work to do here yet, and I still have some things in Irvine to move up, but I will get to that next week. For now the cats and I are settling in, things are finding their proper place, I’m doing a lot of cleaning, and somewhere in that I am grading papers and suchlike. It’s putting some demands on my time but I’m finding myself overall happier to be doing it, and the drive isn’t all that bad; most of it is beautiful, really. Okay, back to work for me, but this will continue soon…

Writer’s Funk

I have no idea what’s wrong with me to-day. I have this creeping malaise that seems to have no source or locus. What could it be? I can’t concentrate, my mood is flat, and I’m not taking pleasure in things I usually enjoy. I can’t think of anything wrong with my life at all. In fact, I have been ridiculously happy in recent weeks. So what could it be?

Well, I do have a tonne of catch-up to do here. Things are going to be wildly out of order if I get back to writing without finishing all that first, but what can I do? *lol* The world keeps turning whether I write or not. Honestly, I don’t even remember for sure where I left off so I’ll need to look. I know I haven’t written about my trip to Saqqara, so that will be done soon. Other than that, hell, I will have to think about this a lot; I’m losing things already. *sigh* Okay, I’m discouraged so that’s enough for now.

Cairo Or Bust

I should have been on my way to Cairo tomorrow morning. Once again, the bus company has cancelled the trip. This leaves me wondering, just how to do this! My plan right now is to run to the embassy to-morrow (it’s closed to-day) and apply for the visa directly. Then, when I have it in hand, I’ll cross the border on foot and find transport on the other side. It’s risky and a pain in the tukas, but if the buses won’t run because Israelis won’t go there, and the airfare is $700+, I don’t see many other option.

Anyway, I’m off to Tel Aviv to meet with the fella I might rent a flat from for next month. It’s a studio in the Florentin district of southern Tel Aviv, which puts me close to Jaffa (yay!) and the central bus station (convenient!). After the meeting I will look into a Jordan trip, since the Egypt one looks to be put off for a couple of weeks (visa processing time, grr). I’ll find out about that to-morrow, though. I can do the planning for the northern West Bank and Jordan trips in the meantime. And, of course, finish my other posts and work on my Hebrew! I did some work on the third Lior piece this morning since I was up so early. It’s coming along quickly so maybe I’ll have it later to-day, depending on what time I’m back from Tel Aviv.

Nes Tsiyona, Photo Collections, And My Muse

I haven’t been writing here in the last few days, as you may have noticed. I’ve not been in the right frame of mind, I suppose, because the desire just hasn’t been there. Reckon I lost my Muse or something. Anyway, I’ll be back on track shortly. I need to put up the third Lior piece and my Hebron story, both of which there are notes for but I need that creative vibe to write out. Soon, my pretties, soon.

Yesterday I took a nice long walk north from Rekhovot and into the small city of Nes Tsiyona. This is one of the old communities in Israel, settled in something like 1883 during the First Aliyah, but it never grew into a bigger city. Until recent years it was decidedly rural, and it has retained a bit of that character with large fields open to view and some old farm houses scattered about.

There is a large technical-industrial park in the far south of it as it borders Rekhovot (the complex is shared, in fact) with gleaming tall buildings. But there is apparently a deal in place to keep residential buildings at eight stories of lower. A large new neighbourhood being built in the south-east of it seems to be all of about that height.

The core of the city looks like almost any other Israeli city, with shops along a central drag and side streets filled with housing blocks. There’s a larger proportion of small, single-family dwellings, though. It also has a large fountain, which you don’t see very often, and a petting zoo with ostriches and tortoises and lambs, etc. It’s really quite cute.

I have filled a lot of my bad mood with productive activities aside from day-tripping and writing, though. I’ve continued my Hebrew study, since this environment does seem to foster the drive there! And I managed to sort and upload my trip photos to date. There are albums for all of the cities I’ve been in this time so far. I’m trying not to duplicate shots that I’ve done in the previous couple trips, so my Tel Aviv album will not have pictures of the beach, for example.

I still need to finish uploading photos from those two trips, in fact, and I did a bit more of the 2008 one when I was caught up here (the rest of my Nazareth and West Jerusalem shots are now up). All that 2008 now lacks is the rest of the Haifa pics and the Druze towns, plus the big archaeological museum I photographed fully. As for 2010, I never did the last card, which means I haven’t gotten through my pictures from Mount of Olives and Gethsemane and a few others places in the Old City. Not much, and I might get it done during this trip if there’s another down-day.

To-morrow I’m meeting a fella to discuss subletting his place for August. It’s even cheaper than where I am now, and located pretty close to the central bus station in Tel Aviv, which should be convenient. I’ll talk about it later if I end up taking it.

Dinner’s done, so I ought to attend to that. Then, some more Hebrew and off to sleep. I’ll get the Hebron and Lior posts up soon, I promise… *lol* Good-night, World.

Uninspiring Inspiration?

Lately I’ve been looking at the #Trust30 writing challenges and trying to think of ways to tackle them. So far I am falling flat on my arse. In fact, I sat down this afternoon with a few ideas of my own, including a very personal one on my apparent desire/need for appreciation, but thought I would look these over again first; after a few minutes I found the inspiration gone and had lost the interest in writing to-day.

So, is it just me? Right now I suspect that’s it, but some of these don’t seem very inspirational. There are three of the nine so far that sound intriguing but I haven’t found a way to tackle them yet. The other six don’t hit me at all. Hrmph. Any way I look at this, I’m disappointed in myself. Considering my answer to one of the ones I do like — ‘what is one thing you’ve always wanted to accomplish and haven’t’ — is to be a professional writer, my reaction to these prompts has been a bit of a let-down. *lol*

I’ve never been very good at writing to someone else’s prompt; maybe I’m too independent for my own good. But this reminds me of how difficult some of the short fiction exercises were when I was trying my hand at that ten years ago. I did get a bunch of things done then, but it took me a while to warm to it, and there were plenty of exercises that were a wash for me.

I had always taken that to be a problem with my facility for fiction, since I write easily in many ways. But when it comes to writing what someone else suggests at a given moment, and it doesn’t involve some research component that I can sink my teeth into, I seem to run into a psychological roadblock. That will be one of my answers, by-the-by, for the first one that I will write up, since laying this problem out has given me the approach that I needed for one of them! *lol* Funny how a seeming kvetch can actually lead to some productive result, eh?

Gee, What A Rip-Off!

And a happy end-of-the-month to all of you! *grin* Let’s see… about that subject line…. see, I wanted to write for a bit to-night, but I keep getting home late and being tired, and then there’s the fact I have to get up quite early to see the Robin out the door, so… this will be yet another shorty. Live with it.

I worked for a bit on Julian’s Web site this morning, and will continue to do so throughout the week. I’m taking his Dreamweaver-generated code and fixing the HTML and creating a directory structure appropriate to a Web server. I’ll add it as a sub-domain here soon, so that you can see how it’s coming along. The design is entirely his, mind you; I take no responsibility for such extravagant artistic endeavours!

Oh, and I bought a security door to-day; how weird is that?! Mayhap I can relax a little re: my beautiful library… *grin* Not like it’s a major target for petty thieves, or anything! Who would want all of that crap?! Nah, it’s just that I wanted a screen door anyroad, and these sort were on sale, and so I figured… what the hell…

To-morrow I meet with Dr. Estes again regarding my senior thesis. I haven’t read nearly as much as I’d hoped to’ve by this time, so I shan’t have as much to say as I’d like, but he apparently has some things he wishes to share with me all the same. Over-all, I’d say the reading & research are going well; I’m finding that I quite enjoy the period, though I daresay it’s not where I intend to remain for long. Still, it’s quite instructive, getting a closer look at the foundations of modern representative government. ‘T’will do me good, no doubt about it.

Got an e-mail from Jayme this evening; that was rather nice. I’ll have to write back to-morrow morning and catch her up on my oh-so-boring life. Seems she’s going to Italy soon. Why is it that so many people I know either live in Italy or are visiting?! Weird little synchronicities… Mayhap the gods are telling me to move to Italy…


Anyroad, I’m off to bed now. Sweet dreams, cold universe!

“The attempt to see the whole or integral man, in place of the rational or epistemological fragment of him, involves our taking a look at some unpleasant things.” -William Barrett

What The Hey?!

Bonus! Two days in a row! This is an auspicious omen…

I have had a very lazy day. Did some reading, made three more CDs, checked my grades, . . . not much else. I even forgot to eat until about 20:00, how weird is that?! All in all, a very restful and relaxing day in Liam-ville.

KAOS fans, check out the newly-updated track listing for the recent additions; some good stuff in there, hits and oddities galore.

I have also made my decision re: a Senior Seminar research subject: William Pitt the Elder, 1st Earl Chatham. I’m going to make use of postmodern critical theory to re-visit a well-known figure and put a fresh twist on him. With any luck, the paper won’t suck eggs, and I will be pleased, and the swallows will come back to Capistrano, and there will be free doughnuts for everyone.

To-morrow evening is Mindy’s graduation party. I hope Julie is planning to go (hint, hint!) so’s I’m not stuck there with a million people I don’t know and no one to talk to! I’m not much of a party-person, really. Still, should be entertaining, and I’ll get to meet Mindy’s family and friends. Oh, and I have an excuse to go and buy a couple of exotic beers! Seems like months and months since I’ve been to Alpine Market. I’m gonna find a nice kriek lambic to toast her success; nothing quite like a fine lambic ale. Good wholesome fun for the whole family.

Okay, that’s all ye get to-day, my loyal droogs. Get off the computer and go have some fun! Life’s too short to be dickin’ around on-line. *grin*

“When the rich wage war, it’s the poor who die.” -Jean-Paul Sartre


Yes, indeed, ladies and gentlemen, you heard it here first! The one, the only, LIAM the hyper-nerd is BACK in his Web-log! Tah-dah!

So, yeah, ummm… school’s out, so my excuses are gone… time to get back to this thingy regularly again. I have SO MUCH to write about! To-day was my last two finals, and my poor hand still aches. Oh, and my birthday was two days ago (Mon., the 17th), in case you forgot (You ALL did, you bastards! Only my brother called!). Yeah, so, I’m not, like, bitter, or anything… *grin*

I have one late assignment to finish, a computer to build for a client, a tonne of German homework to make up, and an entire summer to master 18th century Parliamentary politics and the discourse of M. Foucault. Fun! I am so excited to be alive!

Okay, I’m gonna go sleep now. More to come to-morrow. Oh, yes, I am back, and you will hear from me again, yes yes yes… And I have a wealth of material for this site, yes I do… yes I do…

“Absence diminishes little passions and increases great ones,as the wind extinguishes candles and fans a fire.” -François de la Rochefoucauld